How do you remove ATG from acrylic?


SGF, Supreme Grumble Framer
Jan 7, 2005
I have a small bit of atg or some other goo on a piece of acrylic. I didn't want to harm the acrylic, so I've only used glass cleaner. Doesn't work. It's only spreading.

Un-do is the best I've tried for removing ATG.
Its available from united as well as every grocery and craft store.
Look for " UN-DO " in the distributor catalogs. Just did the same thing today - UN-DO worked great. I know United Mfrs carries it.
Ethanol. You can buy undiluted grain alcohol from liquor stores - I keep thinking its called Golden Glow, though I know it's not!

It's called Everclear here in the states. When I was in college I had medical student buddies who made horrible strange punch from the stuff. It will also take the finish right off your table top.

Peter Bowe
Everclear is 180 proof........

Michigan (Liquer Control Commission) does not sell it so I can't get it.

My only legal source would be a labratory supply company........However their prices are way too high.

I currently use Bestene solvent (heptane).....its the same thing as UnDu
M, use some masking tape (gulp) and just lightly pounce the ATG with it. It should come up, unless its been rubbed into the acrylic. If it doesn't all come up then final clean as above.
Goo Gone or lighter fluid fer sure if the masking tape pounce doesn't work. Goo gone removes all kind of stickiness from all kinds of surfaces! Available at hardware, drug and grocery stores!
Shouldn't you be concerned about the chemical properties of Goo-Gone, Un-Do, and similar solvents? They claim to dissolve latex and other paints, so they might attack the acrylic.

I have used isopropyl (rubbing) alcohol to remove ATG from acrylic on occasion, but my first choice would be Adhesive Release.
Everclear with a drop or two of photoflo works great on multi-coated glass as a cleaner.
Thanks for all of the tips. I thought about alcohol (not necessarily the kind you can drink ;) ), but just didn't know what might cloud the acrylic or do worse damage. I'll let you know what works! Thanks everyone!

Puttyboy I like tape as well. My first tape to use is the scotch removable, then regular scotch tape, Framer Tape (from United, not Framer 11). I also use a glob of ATG and roll it around the ATG to pick it up, kinda like using a wad of bubble gum to get the residue of the exploded bubble off your face! Use what caused the problem to clean up the mess!

Last resort would be Lighter fluid, works great! Also works to remove wax pencil off the plexi.

BTW the tape works to get adhesive off the front of posters and photos, but be careful it doesn't stick too well to the photo! And according to CSI and the FBI it can take fingerprints off of photos. (I can attest that it works too!)
I think some glass cleaners are as likely as anything to damage the acrylic.

In a pinch, I've used eyeglass cleaners that are made for plastic lenses.
I've used lighter fluid (the kind used for refilling cigarette lighters) to remove ATG tape and other foreign smears from plexiglass. It doesn't do any harm and it evaporates very quickly...Mark
Un-Seal Adhesive remover from (seal/beingfang) works wonders, and is the best for getting fingerprints off photo's, but not off of digital photo prints.