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Dec 15, 2002
Homer, NY - The center on NY State
I have two posters that have been reproduced onto canvase. They are copies of WWII prints. Do I just hinge them? Will the tape stick to the canvase? Or should they be drymounted? Or do you sew them onto foam since it is canvase. Can't be stretched...trimed pretty close to edge of picture.

Probably silly questions but it is late and I am quite tired.

Not a silly question at all! If they don't have much value, you could probably dry mount them or use something like perfect mount if heat might be a problem. If they have value, then play it safe and pin or sew the canvas over fc.
No offense intended, Kate -- we know you're quite tired.

The "How do I mount..." question too often comes with no mention of important facts, such as value. Value is the single most important determining factor in the mounting decision.

Pleasepleaseplease consider monetary AND sentimental value in every framing methods/materials decision.

If there is no lasting value, then do whatever is most expeditious & profitable -- it doesn't matter and the customer won't care.

If there is value of any kind, consider how the various mounting methods/materials available to you would affect it, discuss your recommended choices with the customer, and act accordingly.

If you're looking for recommended choices, it is impossible for anyone to give a meaningful answer without knowing basic facts. Value is one, size is another.

How about giving us more information?
If, by "reproduced on canvas" you mean they are modern reproductions printed on canvas, then perfect mount should be fine.

If, however, they are paper posters mounted on canvas, they may not be so modern. The best bet with a small amount of edge fabric is to pin it to fome board or some other firm, archival backing. You can usually get good results by pinning one end, then putting it in the press (cold) with the other end stiking out, to pin that end. The press will flatten the poster evenly so you don't have to pull on it.
These are just modern reproductions on canvas. Not much value except to customer. They are about 22 x 31 with about 1" of canvas on edges. I had not concidered perfect mount but that might be a good option. There is a third print that appears to be a photo copy of another WWII poster and I could PM that as well.

The first question I ask any customer for whom I do permanent mounting is, "Just in case by some hideous twist of fate, this gets spoiled, can it be easily replaced?" If the answer is no, then I won't permanently mount it. Period.
Originally posted by HannaFate:
pinning one end, then putting it in the press (cold) with the other end stiking out, to pin that end. The press will flatten the poster evenly so you don't have to pull on it.
HANNA!! You are brilliant!!
I have a silk that I have been wrassling with . .
. that will work great. Back to the shop now. I love Sunday evenings, everything is so quiet....

I second that! It is a brilliant idea, Hanna. You are using a regular press rather than a vacuum press aren't you?

Silk done in 27 minutes flat.

Fought with it before for 2 hours...


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