How did you hear?

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Jul 14, 2004
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I'm just curoius about something...

How did all of you hear about the grumble?

I Read about it an PFM article. It was when they were featuring frameshops around the country and one of the owners said one of her hobbies was chatting on "The Grumble" and it listed the web site.

I have been so thank-ful for this web site! I just wonder how the rest of you heard about it?

it was one of our sales reps
Same here a sales rep. NO Paul he wasn't from LaMarche!

Someone mentioned it on the PFM web site.

All I originally got from a Yahoo! search for "Framing" were websites devoted to dry wall installation.
Pretty sure it was from a net search - but then my memory is not that good. I know that the memory is the second thing that goes with age, but I'll be darned if I can remeber the first!
Paul, from LifeSaver told me. And for the record, I love the Grumble!
I ran into TK in a bar one night and he said you didn't appreciate his wonderful art and I thought - all right, sounds like they know what they're doing and they've got taste, too - I better check it out! :eek: :D ;)
Gee, I don't remember how came that I found TG. More likely it happened through PFM's web site. But I do know for sure that it was on late December 1999, when TG was still young and numbered less than 1,000 members in all (of which just a few were truly active; most were missing in action, reposed, vanished away ...and some were having multiple identities, just like today
I owe much of my English to reading and wrestling with many of you. As practice makes perfect, I am afraid that you may expect to see more of the same from me for years to come. ;)

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I google searched key words "picture framing forum". I checked out a couple and this one was very active and hilarious. Hilarious is a key component of many favorites of mine.

I promise to do my introduction some fine day in a misty unknown future when unicorns prance and the little elves join all the frames in the night as we sleep...

I really don't remember.
I think I heard about it first on Hitchhikers, and a couple of educators mentioned it while at market.

After 9-11, Hitchhikers was shut down for a few days because emotions were running high.
I needed a fix, I guess, so I found this.

I didn't tune in regularly, though, until I was laid up with a broken foot, and bored to death.
I read a small mention about the Grumble in PFM and since I had just gotten my first computer and I was eager to be online - one look and I leapt in with no lurking.

I had signed up for several other forums (one about cats, as I recall) and I have never gone back to any of them - why bother when the Grumble covers EVERYTHING - computer questions, matting, frames, CATS, dogs, skwirrels, movies, music, conservation, preservation, books, TV reviews, and HUMOR!!! Who could possibly need anything else???

Thank you BILL!!!!!! You have done a great thing in this world in your creation of the Grumble!!!
Jay Goltz in a class at Vegas - but he said don't get hooked - good advice too!
I found it by doing a search for 'picture framing equipment' while we were setting up J's shop. And the rest, as they say, is history. Loved it ever since.
I also "Stumbled Across the Grumble" searching for Picture Framing Equipment. I've been looking there for a couple of years, and can't understand why I hadn't found you before. Wish I had years ago! I have my morning coffee with you every day, and come here the last thing before bedtime to wind down, but it often winds me back up again (hence my really late - early posts). Don't have a computer at the shop yet. Probably a good thing or I'd not get any work done at all!
"Don't get hooked" do I not get hooked? I'm hooked! I will probably need a 12-step program for this at some point but not ready to admit I have a problem yet. Many times during the day something perplexing will come up and my automatic thought is "I'll ask The Grumble!" and know I will always get help, or at least a good hearty laugh. I'll keep comin' back!
Have I said lately?....I'm Soooo Happy!!!
The Grumble was first introduced to me in the LJ Atlanta course. A "classmates" told me about it. Thanks, FramerDave!
Kim and I heard about it in Las Vegas last year. Can't remember who recommended it but sure am glad they did. It's been an invaluable resource for me. Wish we were going to Vegas again this year, but we aren't so I will hope for next year.

I'll always be indebted to Marc Lizer because he mentioned The Grumble in a column he wrote for PFM. I miss that column.
I read about it on, when reading about framing and someone saying "you guys don't know anything about framing. If you want to know about framing you have to go to the grumble; that's where <u>professionals</u> go." I thought, "I'd better check this place out!"
I read a short "blurb" about TG in PFM - - -

Lurked around the site for about a year or so before finally registering in 2002 - It's amazing how much you can learn on TG!
I was actualy doing a web search for a new job...hated the one I had at the time....and the grumble poped up on the first page. Been hooked since.
I was at Gemini Moulding in Chicago for a mini trade show. I met Jill (a member here from Omro Gallery, Omro, Wisconsin). She told me about it and I have learned many things here.
I found it on Picture Framing Magazine's website, I was originally looking for a job since I was getting ready to move across the country (but not all the way across!)

Some of you may remember my first posts, one was a brief "resume" in the ads. It got a lot of laughs, and it got me a job!

So here I am in jolly old STL with new job and still grumbling.

Don't think you guys are going to be rid of me very soon... I think I'll stick around!
When I was researching vendors to start my business on the web, I stumbled onto The Grumble. one of the best things I found
Buddy is number 13. We call him Lucky Buddy.

Alan Sturgess is number 6.

Oddly, member number 1 is listed as Ron Eggers, but I was a relative latecomer to The Grumble and the member number that appears when I post is somewhat higher.

Also, that other Ron Eggers is clearly a slacker. He only has about 10,000 posts.
I was told about the Grumble by Paulette in Buffalo, to whom I will be forever grateful!!!

I had gone to look at some items she was selling prior to her relocation and it was mentioned casually - but am I glad it was mentioned.

I love the grumble and truly could not have made it thru my first year without it and that is a continuing feeling.

It is all-encompassing - on both a personal and business level: educational, informational, confrontational, irrational and irreplaceable.

It was through an internet search. I was researching an article for the local PPFA chapter newsletter on internet resources for framers - you know, if this internet thing catches on.
The same as some others. I found it by doing a search for 'picture framing equipment' while I was setting up for my new shop.

Bang, been here ever since.

I can't tell you how many hours have been saved by doing things better from advice and how many hours wasted by looking through wapred.