How did you become a framer (Part 2)


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Nov 19, 2002
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Just been on a Grumble search/nostalgia surf

As a rookie Grumbler I posted this.....Why are you a framer in the Business Issues forum.

Should really have been here, or possibly on warped!

Anyway, lots of new members since then - care to share?

As I said in the link above - it's not that I'm nosey - just that I'm VERY nosey.
I realized others were just as frustrated with over cut mats (I had done a few in college and I am a bit anal when it comes to details)...

Real reason is that I enjoy art and framing is an extension of it..
I had been an advertising photographer for 20 years, I'm 49 now and into fine art Black & White photography which I frame and sell to corporates, galleries and collectors.I see framing as adding value to my pictures and now I'm also framing for other artists.
Other than the demands that I stay 500’ away from playgrounds, submit to random drug testing, and wear an electronic ankle bracelet, it was a condition of my parole.
In 1978 I got my first job, washing dishes in an Italian restaurant. Picking onions off my shoes at 2 in the morning got old fast. Not much later I walked into a frameshop down the street and got a job, cutting up old Maytag boxes from the appliance store next door for the framer to use as backing. Fast forward 28 years I am a professional artist and have my own small frameshop serving other artists, galleries and museums. I also frame for anyone who can find me and recently spent an entire afternoon trying to remove an antique photograph that was ATG'd to a piece of cardboard with a very suspicious large "M" on it... hmmmm