How could this happen?


CGF II, Certified Grumble Framer Level 2
Sep 7, 2002
A new customer brings in a just finished puzzle today. This is no problem, I will dry mount it just like I have many other puzzles over the years. Yup, just like the others. So, since this one seems a little fragile, I decided to dry mount it right away and get the danger out of the way. I am carefully sliding it off the paper it come on, lifted it carefully to smooth out the fusion --- and suddenly --- there it was in a heap. It was just laying there in a HEAP!!! One big HEAP!!! Ohhhhhh, I hate putting puzzles together. Then I remembered how the customer told me that this was the latest family project and this was the "hardest" puzzle they had ever done. OHhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, the memories (groan)!!!!!

Do you suppose she would understand what I meant if I were to tell her I understood about how difficult this puzzle was to put together. My only saving grace is that I decided to do this today about 1 hour after it came in. I have 2 weeks to try getting that thing back together. Did I mention how much I hate doing puzzles?

Do you think I could hide in Atlanta and let someone else deal with this?

(I think I'll change my name to puzzlehater)
I think you need to have a party! Yes, call up about 4 friends who LOVE to do puzzles, feed them good food, and just stand back. It could be fun!
We have an autistic fellow in our neighborhood who can assemble even the toughest puzzles in one or two hours. Regular puzzles can be assembled in just a few minutes by this guy. He is about forty years old, hard to tell he even has a problem with autism. Perhaps you may know someone in your area that is just as adept at puzzles as he is.

Candy, can you put in an emergency call to the Senior Citizens' Center? I'll bet they could provide a couple of volunteers who would love to spend an afternoon re-assembling that puzzle. You provide refreshments and heart felt gratitude and everyone's happy.

Whatever you decide to do, do it soon just in case (heaven forfend) one of the pieces has slithered away from its fellows and hidden under the dry mount press.

Hi: I'm new to framing 'objects' such as puzzles and about to open up my first frame shop. Exactly how do you mount a puzzle? What kind of press are you using? Heat? I'd be nervous using heat as some puzzles (I think) are coated with wax.
Good luck getting is back together...... I do not envy that task on bit!
Here's a tip.

Assemble the puzzle on a sheet of drymount tissue on a mount board. That way all you have to do is put it into the drymount press.
Ellen, that isn't such a bad idea. I can make a mean batch of brownies better than putting a puzzle together.

Kincade, hmmmmmm, it is almost as bad ..... it's a lighthouse. Around here we get as much lighthouse stuff as we do Kincade. (Actually, the customer just before the puzzle was a Kincade. After this tragedy, I took that Kincade and wrapped it up pretty good. I didn't want anything to happen to that either.)

Kit, Thanks a bunch!!! :D Those little pieces want to stick to my arms and I am already watching under the press for something to show up. :eek:

Bob, Great idea.....I have already moved all the pieces onto the foam board with dry mount tissue under it, so when the last piece is in place, I will call two other people to help me get it into the press. One to open the press and two to put it inside. (Sounds like a polish joke or something!!!) :D

gperry, Welcome to the grumble and good luck with your new shop. I have always put puzzles into a heat press using Fusion 4000. The Fusion melts a bit better than regular dry mount tissue so I feel like it adheres to puzzles just a little bit better. Fusion takes a temp. of 180, so it is a little less heat. I have successfully used Fusion at 160. I also leave it in a bit longer because of the thickness. I have never had a problem with the surface reacting to heat. I don't think I am even going to go there right now.

Thanks everyone for your sympathy. That means more to me than anything. Cards can be sent to
Candy @ .......oops, this isn't a funeral...

If heat is in question, is there any reason Perfect Mount couldn't be used?

You would have to slide the release paper under the puzzle before removing the paper from the board and exposing the adhesive... then... pull, a little bit at a time til you have the whole puzzle adherred.

Haven't done it but could work, maybe!?


When are the brownies going to be done Pete and I would love to come help. :D otherwise check with your local puzzel store they may know of a puzzle fan for you to bake for. I know there are national speed contests for this. I see what I can find for pages that might have puzzle enthusists for you here is one puzzle fan page hope this helps some
see you in sept

Jill and Pete
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I think you need to have a party! Yes, call up about 4 friends who LOVE to do puzzles, feed them good food, and just stand back. It could be fun!
Oh, yeah, that’ll work!

I can just imagine feeding them Cheetos and buttered popcorn to get the puzzle all orange and greasy. Oh, and don’t forget to serve wine or grape juice in a glass filled to the brim.
That's exactly how I mounted an oval puzzle. With the help of Ron's Matmaester(sp?). Ron cut the top mat, bottom mat and a "spacer" mat. I cut a piece of Perfect Mount the proper size. Placed the spacer mat face down. Flipped the puzzle face down, carefully. Slid the puzzle into the spacer mat opening. Then lined up the Perfect Mount, sticky side down and pressed it on the spacer mat and puzzle.

Here's the finished product
Denny, I would've thought you mounted that in a SEAL PRESS. :D

The Mat Maestro must've been having a good day. Now when I ask it to cut a big oval, it spits Cheese Wiz at me.