Horse Show Ribbons :) :)


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Feb 14, 2004
Nicholasville, KY
I am very happy how this turned out.

Top mat: Bainbridge fabric
Bottom mat: Crescent / Tru Vue muted gold
Frame: Dark "cherry colored" by Omega
Mats and frame picked out by customer.
Tru Vue Conservation Clear glass.
Finished size with frame is approx 49 x 44in.

Ribbons are attached via single stitch at the very bottom. A few more non visible stiches behind the "layers" of the rosette hold the head of the ribbon. Customer wanted white backing on the ribbons so that is a piece of white Bainbrige mat.

Instead of just showing the foam core spacers, I covered the edges with strips of mat board secured with wheat starch and further secured by small brass colored sequin tacks every 5 inches or so. They are tiny about 1 inch long and blend in perfect!

8 x 10 is drymounted.

Ribbon was decoration on halter. It is stiched (stitches are hidden) and is in a over sized 1/4 deep box mat.

Back number is secured via the two pins that held it to the jacket. They are little gold ribbons with a blue "stone" in the middle of them.

What do you think?
Of course the pictures are too dark.
Steven that is some very nice finishing work. However IF ever you don't want to have to go through the trouble of covering the spacers ,you might just try cutting the spacers back by 1/2 inch,or slightly more, larger than any of the opennings and unless you have a very deep space ,no one should be able to see them and you wouldn't have to do all that very intricate work to cover them from sight. But it does add to the overall beauty of the finished piece.
Don't you LOVE it when something turns out so spectacular! And future generations of this customers family will thank you too! Well done.
Steven, I think the matting is great, I just think an aged cherry would have matched and brought out the beautiful horse.... who did all the work... :D

I never would have thought of using the number pins... man I'm going to have to remember those...
(but so often they have been just safty pins....gymcanna....)

Just another thought: It's too bad they insisted on the white board... a black to match their hat and collar would have toned the whole piece down, yet made the ribbons glow.
I was wanting a solid dark mahogany frame with a swam profile from Vermont Hardwoods and anything but white for the background, but that is what the customer wanted. She had a brochure from a place that frames these things and wanted it to look close to theirs, but my looks better regardless ;) LOL

The mahogany's dark streaks really matched the horse and still lightened up the peice some.

Oh well, customer is happy and it did turn out very nice. Just could have been nicer
Dang customers are always getting in the way... :D

But good looking piece anyway. Just not a creative customer.
Nice job, Steven. Most of the similar ribbons I have done feature a bendable metal clip behind the rosette at the top. I've had good success securing the rosette by passing this through a slot in the mat and bending it back into place. I keep it stationary by holding the clip in position on the back using Lineco frame sealing tape.
Keeping the bottoms of the ribbons where you want them is always trickier. I find that stitches do show because of the fineness of the ribbon's grain and its sheen. But I guess that's the tradeoff for avoiding adhesives.
:cool: Rick
Actually took the ribbons to a fabric store and found identical colored thread
Very hard to see unless you are specifically looking for it.
Let me see if I can post a photo I have of my horse sho
w ribbons.
Dang, they came out really small. I can't seem to win. The first time I tried, the photos were really big.

I'm going to try just one photo one more time.
Pamela - Steven's photo is 576 x 767 pixels and your last one is only 96x72. Gotta find a happy medium (and I am sorry I can't tell you how to do that in PhotoBucket...). I can tell you how I knew those measurements: right click on a photo and click "properties" from the menu!

I have framed a lot of mostly dog show ribbons and customers always like the dark backgrounds so the ribbons really "pop." Coming up with color schemes is always difficult especially for the real fancy ribbons because they are usually many-colored affairs.

Steven - great job! Pamela - yours looks great too from what I can see...
I'm guessing that Pamela probably posted the a thumbnail instead of the photo.
I've done that myself in the past.
Try, try again!