Hope you don't mind a vent about insurance again.


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Nov 23, 1997
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I just got a call today from Hartford's Billing office on my Cell phone. It seems the lady,Carol King wanted to know why my mail sent to my shop kept getting returned to them?DUH!

This mail was bills for premiums after the Katrina disater. I asked how she got my cell number and she said it was on some of my records. I asked what I was being asked to pay premiums on since my shop was a total loss and they had refused to pay any rembursements? She asked if I had reopened my shop elsewhere to which I asked did that matter since they weren't being asked to insure anything? But most irratateing was the fact that the claims dept. had not informed her that I had loss everything. And that Claims had even asked for written proof that the evacuation was a forced one orderd by civil authorities to comply with an endorsement in my policy.Which I had supplied despite it being carried in every newspaper and broadcasting medium in the world.

She then asked if I could FAX her one despite the fact that my last premium had reached them on AUGUST 29 the day after the Hurricanne.What were they asking me to insure and why should I continue to pay them when they REFUSED to pay me?But more importantly was I insured after thay had declaired my shop a toal loss and not due any rembursements,and hence due a refund?

But the worst insult to injury was when I discoverd that she had recived my cell number from son by calling my newly rented home which had only obtained a phone line about a month and a half ago. So she didn't get it from any records and she could have called directory assitance long ago if they wanted to contact me .This is particularly true since I wasn't avoiding nor evading them and had called their claims manager Mr. Glenn Fong repeatedly in the last months.

After sending her a copy of the letter I sent Mr.Fong . I also sent her a letter informing her I knew she had lied about how she reached me and how difficult it was to contact me and I asked that she show my note to her superiors .But I did make a copy just in case she forgot .

I am really beginning to get annoyed with the serviced I have received and failed to receive from Hartford. And I can't get over how BLAZAE some who are uneffected by this disaster are about how they treat those of us who have been through it.
Hi Buddy,

Feel free to rant as much as you want. You deserve to!! I am so sorry that you have to go through this seemingly never-ending quagmire of "stud quano"!!

I sure hope there is some resolution in the near future!
Originally posted by JPete:
Buddy, I believe the left hand doesn't often know but could it have been a scam?
Sometimes I believe that Insurance is a scam. Don't believe me? Re-read Buddy's post above.

After all the money that he has paid over the years they turned their back on him when he was in need.
Shame, shame, SHAME on Hartford! Shame on Carol King!

Buddy, I would be absolutely furious about this. I would tell them to go pound salt. And to stop harassing you. I'm glad you sent the letter.

edie the fuming goddess

I've been following your saga and would like to suggest that your experience be chronicled in a more public way. How about an article in the magazine published by PMAI.

You have a lot to offer from the school of hard knocks.

The whole insurance industry desperately needs an overhauling so it does what we pay insurance to do, help us when we have a loss. The intent now seems to be to get as much money as possible and pay as little as possible. Just business? Well, it stinks. Kind of reminds me of Enron and the power manipulation in Calif. The executives laughed about the little old ladies freezing without heat while they kept jacking up the costs. I believe in free enterprise, but without morals it can run amuck.

For your claim, if you don't at least consult a good attorney, you will get nothing, even if you are entitled. Sounds like Fred is going through similar results with his insurance and I'm sure others are also.

What about grants from all this money that has been donated?

I wish you nothing but the best and encourage you to not let it get to you too much. Keep your heart out of it or it will wear you out and that would really be a loss. Take care
I am bringing this back to the top because of an event that even i didn't believe.

Today while i was putting out some trash i got a call on my cell from HARTFORD. At first i thought it was Ms. King But it wasn't. it was another LADY from customer services. You see the letter i FAXED and suggested that Ms. king send to her superiors ,apparently actually enede up there.

This lady listen to my long story from the Claim and the subsequent request for substaniation of "FORCED EVACUATION BY CIVIL AUTHORITIES" to the request for renewal to Ms. King asking why my premium payment request were returned to sended from my non-existant shop.

The differance was she sounded aplogetic for it all and actually told me she was makeing notes of all the treatments to forward to department superiors.Will Wonders never cease?

However she did suggest that i might be due a refund but might not want to cancel all my coverage since the liability coverage might come in handy if some young unsuspecting person might step ona rusty nail in my destroyed shop.She suggested that i use some of the rembursement to continue the liability coverage. And said she would mail me proposals and possibilities along with her recomendations to dept. superiors.

I wonder if she has heard of my phenominal bad luck or something? I mean with 70 -80,000 devastated buildings why would i be so lucky to have someone sue me? In fact a National gaurdsman actually cut his wrist while clearing my home and they never even asked if i was insured,.But then they are good hearted american Volunteers and not trying to profit from a disater.But you never know.

My reason for bringing this up ,is i suggeted she sign on to TFG and do a search for insuranceand note what other Framers who weren't involved in the devastation thought of HARTFORDS treatment.

you never Know she may be lurking right now.
At any rate I let ya'll know what transpires and what they do from here.

BYTW I told her that the La. Insurance comissioner felt that failing to inform me of the lack of coverage caused by the exclusions ,which in effect renedered the polocy ineffective for what it was sold to me for ,"Could constitute a failure to disclose" and as such might be at least unethical if not Illegal.

I can't help but wonder if they are really annoyed with Mr. Fong and Ms. King and if so what they will do. I hope they are made as uncomfortable as we victoms are.
Or if Anderson Cooper isn't your speed, I know Bill O'Reilly and Sean Hannity love taking on these cases, if only to embarrass The Hartford into straightening up.
I'm really sorry for your losses, please keep us posted on your progress. Good luck.