Home Depot Racing Colors


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Apr 26, 2002
De Pere, WI
Has anyone found a mat to match the Home Depot Orange NASCAR color for Tony Stewart's car?

Has anyone done something really close to the color?

If so what did you use.

Oranges are tough. I am currently in need of a good Cleveland Browns orange.
I have used the cresent bright core, black with orange core, for Tony Stewart artwork.

Don't know if you were looking for a frame or mat but that is what I have used.
I noticed on Home Depot's Racing website they offer team colors in Glidden paints. Not only NASCAR but other sports as well.

Home Depot Racing

Anyone paint an entire mat before?

My customer wants an autographed T-shirt framed so I would be using the color on the back mounting board.
Denny, I once painted an entire mat with paint to match my sister's bathroom. It turned out fine. I think the trick is to put a couple of thin layers of paint rather than one thick one (then the matboard doesn't seem to soak up the paint as much and warp). It was years ago when I did it, but I think I used a foam brush at the time. Probably a foam roller would work better.

I used the painted mat as a top mat, not a backing board, so I'm not sure if you would need some sort of barrier between the back of the t-shirt and the painted mat (for conservation purposes?)
recently did 2 tampa lightening hockey sticks--all signed by 'the' team, of course & as the sticks are waaaayyy toooo long for the normal oversized mats & I didnt want to get into the splicing biz, I got 2 extra large whites and spray painted with a team matched blue & yes, it took 2 coats(one actually needed 3 to mask a 'sandout' problem). the biggest problem I had was a LARGE flat dry(the rooftop A/C wanted to drip/blow droplets onto the surface). we used a wagner(no corp sponsorship implied) pro airless paint gun. I truly believe one of their little homeowner "buzz" guns would work as well(the output is adjustable)--just take 3-4 times lomger to cover. Had very little problem with warping of the surface--mostly seen at the edges) probably due to being in FLA & at 730am it was already HOT and the pavement was already warming on the available side of the building. MAJOR problem was that I had to buy 1 gal of the paint---I'm now ready to do dozens of those things!!!
I think this thread is the perfect oportunity to make a plea that I've been thinking about for some time. One or more of the larger Matboard companies needs to release Major Sporting lines. NFL MBL, NBA, etc. Now they may have colors that are already in their line to match, so they would just need to fill in the blanks with the more obscure colors. Wouldn't it be much easier the next time someone walks in with a Packers Stock Certificate (just happend last week) and be able to grab Green Bay #1 & Lombardi Yellow?
Home depot color orange. If after you choose it take it out and drag it across the aspahlt. It will give it that crinkled metal look of after race orange!~ LOL

Uncle Eli
Tour suggestion is real good!~ But makes too much sense!~
I've been wracking my brain for the last day trying to think of where I saw the list...

There are only about 14 colors plus Gold & Silver [metals aren't colors] for NFL, NBA, NBB, AA, CAA, ABE, DBCT, DDT, NCAA, NCCAA or any other alphabet soup.

This list was interesting because it gave the PSA, PMS, and ICC numbers for each color...

With that, you can take a chunk of matboard down to a GOOD paint store and have them scan it for a match of that number...

But Eli is right.. Lambardi Green maybe but Vince was NEVER yellow. "ABC First Down Highlight Yellow" :D