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Mar 26, 2003
Alberta CANADA
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A customer enquired about framing a Holograph. Never heard of it. Says its from the 1920's. I searched the Grumbler - nothing. Looked Keefe's phot book - nothing. Anyone? Can I frame it with Acid-Free or does it need more of a neutral product.

Thanks in advance

Have you seen it?? Is it hand written or does it have any hand written or calligraphic characters on it?

I am not sure what you are referring to. A holograph is a hand written document, usually a will or something hand written by the person wanting to make something legal or to deed a piece of land over to someone else (this was done 250 years ago when homesteading was in vogue).

Hughes Co. tried some "holograms" a few years ago of which I still have a few but these were 3 dimensional photos of subjects that had to be lighted from a certain angle to view the image in full 3D. They were awesome to view but a real pain to frame and light as the light had to be about a foot in front of the image and some angle above the line of sight (I don't recall the exact angle).

You should have a look at the piece and get back with some more information about it so we know what you are referring to.

I seem to remember in the 60s & early 70s, Ron Tanksley was doing something with "Holographs" that had been done in the 20s. They were some of the first "color" pictures but more importantly some of the first 3-D pictures that didn't require a viewing plateform ie: stereoptics or those Viewmasters when we were kids.
Amazing photos that really had depth...
I would stick to rag just to stay safe.
water white AR glass comes to mind also.....
If you can scan a copy, I like to see a jpeg....
Customer will bring it in & I'll see if I can scan it, sounds like what you are talking about Baer! Ill update.