Holiday Weekend


MGF, Master Grumble Framer
Feb 17, 2006
Best wishes to all my American Friends for their Indepedance Day Celebration!

I just came off the ladder from hanging flags. Today, the 1st of July, is "Canada Day" the day we celebrate the confederation of our country. With flags, parades, cakes, children's festival, and a great fireworks show at dusk it's going to be a fine day. There isn't a cloud in the sky and at 9:00 AM it's all ready 80 degrees. I will only be open for 1 hour today - too much fun to work.
Happy Canada Day to our Northern Neighbors!!
thank you! today the weather is fine! yesterday we had torrential rains and tornadoes!! (that's not usual for us - scary!)

Today it's beautiful - plan to spend the day sitting in the sun and swimming!

have a great one all!!
Happy Canada Day! I love going to to Niagara to play poker. Friendly people and the Molson is a lot better - you guys keep the good stuff up there. Gunna go back in 3 weeks. Candada rocks.
Happy Canada Day to my fellow Canadian framers. Also, Happy 4th of July (in advance) to my American counterparts! It was a beautiful, sunny, warm day in Nova Scotia today - what a treat
. Hope it is as nice for your 4th of July celebrations!