Holes in mirrors...


SPFG, Supreme Picture Framing God
Jun 11, 2004
Edwardsburg, MI
Any Grumbler out there able to tell me what tool I need to make holes in mirrors? Is there a drill bit made for such a purpose? I need to make 1/2" holes for an on-going project so just having a local glass supplier do it is not my best option.


Dave Makielski
You need a special diamond drill bit / hole saw (available in sizes from 5/64" up to 4" diameter) ... with glass you actually grind your way through, not drill in the conventional sense. You can find some useful information and products here
We use a glass cutting bit that has a hollowed center. Its especially made for drilling holes in glass and mirrors. The chuck of the drill has a hose inlet attachment that lets water flow onto the drill bit on order to keep the temperature down so as it will not crack the glass. As CAframer said in the previous post, its not a drill bit in the convetional sense, its more of a hollow tube that the cutting / grinding action is on the outside of the tublar profile of the bit. I guess that if you dont have the correct drill chuck for the hose attachment and you have the correct drill bit it will cut the holes but its inportant to take the cutting easy and dont force it with pressure, and try and pour water on the cutting bit in order to cool it down.The most important part is keeping water on the cutting head of the bit as you drill.When the hole is drilled you are left with a full cricle of glass that has been removed, not like drilling wood , where you are left with shavings and dust.
Our main business is in the manufacture of decorative glass, so we use glass cutting and drilling equipment everyday, the picture framing part just really happened as a spin off.
I have always considered money to be nothing more than a tool. So how much are we talking about to create a setup like this to drill hole(s) through a mirror???
And how many mirrors are you going to destroy while getting the hang of it?

I've drilled holes in picture glass because I needed to cut cross-shaped glass (to fit in a cross-shaped frame.) It only took a little practice (though I'd consider using Acrylic next time.)

I'll bet a 1/2" hole in a mirror (1/4" plate?) will be a LOT more fun.
I have to ask . . . why are needing to drill holes in mirrors anyway? and ongoing? Inquiring minds want to know.
Thanks for all the suggestions. The reason I need to have this capability stems from a friend's idea for a new product for home decor. I'd love to tell you what it is, but then...you know the old saying!

Dave Makielski
Sorry for being so late in getting back to you, it was St. Patricks Day here. The equipment you need is as follows : Pedestal Drill @ €300. 1 Water Feed Adaptor @ € 100 and 1 Hollow Diamond Drill Bit @ €20. The prices are in Euros so i think American Dollars the prices will be around a third dearer, depending who you buy from, at least it gives you a rough estimate of the cost. One important thing Dave is to drill from the back of the mirror, the shelling is not as bad then. The water feed adaptor feeds water into the drill bit, which means that the water used in the drilling process ends up on the floor of your workshop.