Hitting the Framing Lottery!


PFG, Picture Framing God
Jul 10, 1999
Howards retired
Yesterday I hit the Framing Lottery big time! I pulled not one but TWO scrap matboards that were the EXACT correct size for the job I was doing. I haven't done that for about 10 years, when I found a piece of scrap glass that was the exact right size. OK, so my life isn't so exciting, but what are the chances?
Originally posted by Janet L:
Such a great feeling when everything goes like that Ellen!
Then when you are about done, you smudge the mat and break the glass!
You lucky Art Lady! Now that you've practiced, try get that 10 K framing order from the richest man in town. What are the chances this time around?
Ever notice when you go to the moulding rack and there is a piece just right to cut one side of the frame then you pull a full length and cut the other 3 sides and when you're finished there's a piece left the same size as the short you were excited to find a few minutes earlier which you then put back in the rack?
...just lying there, ready to please you again in a few months when you have totally forgotten it!