Here's to the Queen of Acrylic


CGF, Certified Grumble Framer
May 31, 2004
I recently was called upon to consult on repairing an acrylic shadowbox, 4ft square. I searched the archive and came across Lois, at Superior Acrylics in California.

I called, hoping she could help, but she wasn't in at the moment.

Within 30 minutes, she called me back here in NJ, and answered all my questions.

She was knowledgable, patient, and so generous with her time and expertise.

Thank you so much, Queen of Acrylic!

ps am recommending to client a new frame...
Thanks again, Amy
I had the immense pleasure of taking a (free) class on Acrylic from Lois in Atlanta a few years ago. There were some other Grumblers in there and Lois had to look sternly at us several times 'cause we giggled a lot.

We also got some hands-on practice with building things out of acrylic, though none of us could figure out what they were when we were done.

Lois is smart, warm, friendly and informative and I recommend this class to anyone who has the opportunity to take it. The things her company does with acrylic fabrication are nothing short of astounding.

And, BTW, I miss her on The Grumble.
They used to lay out a mean PPFA meeting to. Best hotdogs I ever had. Some kind of local sausage or something. . . aah, spingtime in Riverside....