Here is a Deal too Good to Pass UP

Bob Carter

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Jun 16, 2000
I was talking to my good friend, George Leeson, today. He owns Image Conscious in San Francisco and for those that do not know, they are a major print publisher.

We go back when we both had flat stomach's and full head's of hair and I count him as a very close friend. He makes the mistake of asking for advice and opinion from a retailer's perspective and you know I give it to him.

Well, we discussed his recently released Thursday program. In this unbelievable offer, if you place your print orders on Thursday, you will get a 50/50/20 discount on every item they publish and it's a ton of choices

In case you do not understand, that means a normal selection with a $30 retail typically costs $15. Now, with this spectacular offer you will pay $6. Now, you can buy like the Big Guys.

Trust me, I buy pretty well, but this is so amazing that you do not want to get caught asleep at the switch.

Now, it is not enough to buy this well and not Turn this Buying Advantage into a Selling Advantage (where have I heard that before?). For all the times you said that "I can't compete with the Big Boys" you just ran out of one excuse.

Put on your "Think like a Retailer" hat and come up with some great promotions. The Holidays are right around the corner. This is too good to be true and it won't last forever

Anyone that has ever taken any of my classes knows I love to drop in a tremendous buying opportunity from vendors to reinforce the points I make. The smart ones always take advantage and turn it into... well, you know the rest. This is how I got involved in promoting this offer

Call IC on Thursday (800-532-2333) or visit them on the web at This deal applies to those items that are published by them and is marked with their logo. Be sure that you mention that you saw it on The G and that you want "The Bob Carter Deal". George and I have a bet and dinner is riding on this deal.

Remember, it is not enough to buy well (very well, in this case); you must take that advantage and create something meaningful to maximize this powerful tool

Perhaps, some of the brighter minds can share what they will do to make this offer work effectively for them
Thanks for the tip Bob. I'll be taking advantage of the deal and I hope you win dinner. Pick a big fancy restaurant :D
Visited the IC site, got some ideas and will take advantage of this too, Bob. Thanks.
Perhaps, some of the brighter minds can share what they will do to make this offer work effectively for them
Any ideas out there? We just received an IC catalogue in the mail this afternoon. Thinking this is something meant to be.

As always, thanks Bob. Hope you win the dinner!
This is a very cool company.

I first learned about them when I trashed a poster and had to order a replacement from them. They threw in a couple of extras for no charge.

They have an interesting lineup and are very nice folks to work with.
I emailed for a catalogue! Do'nt sell allot of prints but with this deal I'll try harder!

Thanks for the tip, Bob!!
Image Conscious is our top publisher that we sell for 2 reasons, great images and great people.

We also know George and he is a great guy as well as Matt Ruth Mary, and Sherome.

This deal is better than our regular discount and we "buy well" from IC like Bob does.

Highly, Highly reccommend this company if you want some art.
Okay, guys, the deal is on the table and it is a great deal

Now,what are you going to do with this opportunity? It's not enough to get a one time buy and do nothing with it. This is exactly where the big guys beat us like a drum. You now have a level(er) playing field. Do you have what it takes to fight and gain back some of the market share we have too willingly abdicated?

These are exactly the opportunities that can make a difference.

BTW, Tim, we are on our second reorder from DK. I think it will be a keeper. Now, if we can figure a way to buy better. You know me,we're woking that angle right now. Thanks for the tip

I passed your info (copy-paste-email/fax) to a number of my clients that are not grumblers, but I know them for having a large print framing business. It's not really my business to tip them, but I did it anyway. If I hear a thank word from them, you know that I'll let many more learn of this offer.
I did it because over 95% of my clients are not into TG, and would have probably missed it, and also because I thought that your friend deserves as big of a bang as possible.
Originally posted by Bob Carter:
George and I have a bet and dinner is riding on this deal.
I wonder what the bet is....

You will tell us when it's over, won't you?
Hey Dave-We have a long series of "unpaid" bets. They usually involve stuff like lunch or dinner.

For example, "lunch" might be on the Concorde going to London, or "dinner" might be on the QEII

I did say they are unpaid didn't I.

Harry-That's a great idea and it is exactly that type of creativity that can Turn a Buying Advantage into a....
Originally posted by Bob Carter:
For example, "lunch" might be on the Concorde going to London....I did say they are unpaid didn't I.
Yeah, you'd have a hard time paying for that right now.

However, what I was referring to was not the payout, but the terms.

It's Thursday!
How nice of you to share this with us!! I spoke to them yesterday...Chris & John specifically! Good people!!!

By the way, I thought Luby's was your favorite lunch spot!
Hey Dave-George and I bet on almost anything we might disagree upon. Keeps it fun when we disagree

Bubba's Icehouse would certainly be my choice if I ever had to pay. When in Austin last spring, I took Mark Klostermeyer to Bubba's there and sprang for the tab big time. We sat at the best table in the house.

I have noticed one recurring theme in so many of these posts-that being what nice people work at Image Conscious.

I could not agree more

When we hear so many tales of poor customer service, it really does makes a lot of sense to trade with those that really are good people,doesn't it?
I have to share a great story about my friend, George.

We often go to San Francisco and our first day is always spent with George. He takes us for a site filled excursion of one of our favorite cities. He takes us to many great off the beaten path sites that truly add a lot to our visits

We often travel with dear friends of ours Thomas and Janet Kincaid. We go everywhere with them and for some unknown reason, they always seem to get the better hotel rooms, the better seat assignments and on and on

So, the four of us went to SF and George showed us the town. Tom sent a nice basket to George for his gracious hospitality.

The next week the buzz was rampant in his place because Bob and Debi brought Tom to see George

I'll let you figure out the punchline
So far, absolute nobody acknowledged my faxing/emailing Bob's initial post to them. Not even a "don't bother me again" note... Quite a reaction. I guess that was it. I'll stay put.
So was the bet on how many Grumblers would respond and order prints?
I faxed an order in and did a follow up call stating confidently, I'd like the Bob Carter deal as described on the Grumble. A very kind lady did not know what I was talking about and passed me to Chris, who asked me if I was speaking of the Thursday deal. I agree totally with the great customer service received from Image Conscious-we even hear from George's mom who lives here in Portland.
We ordered prints to frame up for holiday gift giving as well as freshening up the look of the store.
Thanks for the heads up on this deal.