Here are a few things you missed if you didn't go to Orlando

Bob Carter

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Jun 16, 2000
You didn't meet the First Place winners in the Print Competition (or go to dinner with them)

You didn't get to see the VersaLaser do it's magic

You didn't get to see Bill McCurry in action

You didn't get to see the Parker/Carter Comedy Hour


You didn't get to hear the Shoe joke or the Cheese Wheel joke

Anybody else want to add
Alright, alright, I won't miss it next year, I swear!!

I guess I was too busy shoveling the darn snow..

But please, give us advance notice next time.

How is a busy framer to remember all these things? We should have a Calendar of Events on the Grumble.

(maybe there is one and the same busy framer didn't see it??)
Next year is in Vegas. I'll be there for sure. The one armed bandits are more fun than the mouse in my opinion

I was sorry I missed this year but too much was going on ......
We do have a calendar
I try to populate it with all the trade shows, PPFA meetings/tests, etc. It also does birthdays automatically.

To varify the quality of going to Orlando will require Mr. Carter to post the jokes here.
I can't afford more than one show a year at this time. September is a bad time for me, so I decided to alternate between the PPFA convention and WCAF. This year was WCAF next year is PPFA and I get to go somewhere new ... oops ... Vegas again! ...
then again, it's the people right?
You didn't get to attend the Chapter Leader's Conference and have a half day communication session led by 2 incredible instructors from Second City. Yes. That Second City--the one that is famous for their improv and comedians.

You didn't get to meet Meaghan MacMillan. Or Baer. Or Bob. Or any of the other Grumblers that were in attendance.

You didn't get to eat copious amounts of seafood with excellent framer company.

You missed Rob Markoff's tour of the PMA show floor--WOW! I have a list of vendors to contact for additional info since I had little time to get back to many of the vendors. Ideas keep popping into my head.

You didn't return from Orlando with literally a bag of info from the many classes you didn't get to take. Not just PPFA classes, either. Some of the DIMA (Digital Imaging Marketing Association) classes were great!

You didn't get a chance to see the AWESOME awards designed by Brian Wolf that were presented to some of our outstanding PPFA leaders and volunteers. (Including our own Hugh Phibbs --recognized for his Innovation and Contribution to our industry!!)

You didn't get to hang out after dinner and have your drinks put on Peter Ackermann's tab--hey thanks for that, Peter! ;)

(Sure wish I'd gone sooner. To think what I've been missing out on all these years...!)
As much as I enjoyed all of the things Bob mentioned (except for dining with the Competition winners - I was in the longest airport security line I've ever been in at the moment the awards were presented) I have to say the education was outstanding. Besides classes with Hugh Phibbs, Nona Powers, Rob Markoff, and other "usual suspects" the "Super Saver" package gives you access to countless PMA classes as well. I went to three different marketing sessions as well as a fantastic keynote address. At three different luncheons I got to sit with and bend the ear of various members of PPFA's National Board of Directors. I also had a chance to chat with the Association's newly elected president, as well as sitting with our outgoing president one night at dinner. If you thought I was a gung ho PPFA supporter before. . .