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Apr 9, 2001
Clayton, NC
Okay, I know I'm stupid, but I was trying to post a picture, using 'control V', and evidently hit the wrong key. Now all the print is HUGE on my computer!
When I pull up the G, for instance, it's about 5 times bigger than it was.
Anybody have any suggestions?
Charles, are you talking about the beer post on Warped? If so, it looks fine to me. You have to be able to read it.

If it looks too big to you, we need to have a look at you video settings. Or mine.

Framer's HTML post on the techie forum, on the other, is HUGE and spills off the edges of my monitor. I may have to delete it. :D
Hi Charles,

By any chance, do you have a mouse with a scroll button?

If its JUST the text that is bigger (not pictures), try this:

Hold down your CONTROL button on keyboard and spin the scroll button in either direction on the mouse, at the same time. That'll scale the text size.

Hope this helps. If not, a hammer works well.

Mike, thanks! You are a genius.
It worked perfectly!