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Apr 23, 2005
Fargo North Dakota
Does anyone have a policy written up about reserving the right to refuse a refund when an order has been placed. (customer then has in-store credit.)

The one I have is very vague, and we need to write a current one for the business.

Examples and suggestions would be a great help!

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This is a part of my T&C (Terms and Conditions) a work in progress at present……

“On special orders returns will not be accepted except for reasons of defective quality”

“Custom or special orders (such as logo mats and custom cut mats) that are "in production" or have already been shipped may not be cancelled for any reason and may only be returned as set forth above in the section Claims and Returns. All custom / special orders requiring artwork (such as Logo Mats and custom cut mats) must be approved by customer in writing prior to start of production”

You could also check how the likes of the quick print shops deal with this issue in the US…….there are many industries out there who deal with this issue on a daily bases…..the framing industry is not that unique in how it operates or what types of customers they deal with…..

Custom furniture
Custom made window shades
Custom cut timber/lumber
Custom home builders
Custom mats and matting
Garden designers

Do bear in mind that your T&C cannot supersede a consumers rights by law……I know that in the US this is more lenient than what we have to deal with in Ireland/Europe….do run what you produce by your solicitor/lawyer …….more to make sure you are not proposing something illegal than what may stand up in court… the heel of the hunt if a customer goes to law you have a better chance of defending your position if you have appeared to have made a good effort to put a fair set of T&C’s in place….

Good luck


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Jul 28, 2005
We don't have one and honestly not sure I can see the need for it. Has this been a problem for anyone else??


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Nov 15, 2004
Northborough, MA
As it exists now. However, it is not published anywhere.

"You may change or cancell your order at any time for a full refund."

I know cancellations have happened in the past, but honestly I can't remember the last time. Changes are more frequent, but still not all that common.

My feeling on this is that no matter what happens, the customer always leaves with a good impression of us.

Bill Henry-

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Aug 17, 2002
Boondock Bowerbank, ME
Retired from the grind
New Hampshire, as I am sure similar to most other states, has a 72 hour “cooling off” window when customers can withdraw an order or subscription without penalty. The law was prompted, I think, by the pesky telemarketers before the “do not call” list so people could back out of a deal they had been suckered into once they were able to think about it a bit.

For us, I don’t see that this is a real big deal. Our “turnaround” time is usually a week, so that gives them plenty of time to back out if they wish, and, since we usually stack our orders for delivery, and we don’t usually begin working on a project for a few days after the order, we just accept the withdrawal with good grace. No harm; no foul!

I would rather eat a very few orders that people have canceled than to have a negative sign near the counter that says, “tough, you can’t get your money back.”

Jim Miller

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May 19, 2000
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As Bill suggests, laws affect our options for policies such as this. Check with your attorney before you publish your policies, to be sure they are legal.

Absence of a policy is sometimes taken by courts as capitulation to whatever the customer demands. Unlawful policy may have consequences worse than that.