I got my Wizard today,

When I go and try to cut a 28 x 36 out side with a 3 inch width the inside cuts fine but when cutting the out side it jams along the top about 2/3 through the cut. Any experts, I won't be able to call Wizard till monday.

Smaller mat cut fine.


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What do you mean, jams. It sounds like something in the track. The people at wizard don't understand you may work evenings and weekends. They act like they are doing you a favor getting back to you the next business day. I would try to cut something even larger. Where is the Frame Guy at a time like this?
We want WizChick, We want WizChick, I wonder what ever happen to her. mmmmmmmmmmmm

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Sounds like the head is getting hung up on something. What's around? Anything for it to be running into? Is the board warped? If it's not one of those easy fixes, check the tension on the upper gantry. Adjusting this takes two people. Hang in there - you'll love it once the bugs are worked out. Kit

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I think I had that problem a few years ago, I'm not sure though. I think it was a fix only Wizard could accomplish.
Getting the Wizard up and running takes time and phone calls to Wizard and LOTS of patience. After you go thru the initiation rites, you will be glad you did, it's all worth it in the end.
Congratulations on taking the plunge.
Got it figured out. I was using a 40 x 60 board on back. It wanted to warp up a bit.

I cut it into two pieces taping each piece down. The mat and slip board now are laying flat to the back.

I then had the problem of the cutout falling out when the outside cut was made. I fixed that by placing a small piece of removable tape over the cut on top of the mat to hold it in place.

I wasted about 8 - 10 mats but it works fine now.

Thanks for the suggestions
Just a quick point of interest here: A technician arrives with the Fletcher F-6100, helps install it, sets it up, does any adjustments and spends a couple of days showing you how to use it. Included in the price.