Help with two-sided jersey


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Jun 11, 2004
Edwardsburg, MI
I need to frame an adult size sleeveless two sided jersey. The customer would like to be able to take the jersey down and view the opposite side. I've framed many jerseys before, but never have been presented with this problem.

Could I sandwich the jersey between two pieces of glass after forming an acid free fom-cor to the inside? Would there be any harm if this procedure was followed in having the jersey up against the glass? The customer is fine with a "see thru" method whereby the back wall would be visible between the glazing and the jersey.

Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks.

Dave Makielski
Dave I forget right now , but I know I've seen a commercially produced Tabernacle type ,two sided, glazed shadowbox frame that has an acrylic hanger suspended from the top ,which inables the jersey/shirt to hang freely and be viewed from both sides.

Maybe someone else will remember who made it ,but I think it was one of those companys that make display case frames for things like Basket balls and such.
Once again, fellow Grumblers come through. Thanks!

A friend/ framer did just what you are asking for last week.
He used a Nielson frame, I forget the number, the deep one with the special channel for glass. He supported the jersey by using a small fiberglass rod, ran the rod through the jersey sleeves. The rod was longer than the frame was wide. He then drilled two holes, large enough for the rods to be inserted, in the side frames (just the inside face of the frame) down several inches from the top. When the ends of the rod are inserted into the holes, the rod bends to form an arch with the top of the arch near the top/ center of the frame. He then used a clip stuck to the top frame to hold the rod in place. He then simply put acrylic on both the front and back of the frame.

If this sounds like an option, I'm sure I could get some pictures to post. Let me know.
Here is a page with the jersey I mentioned earlier. Jersey
Any questions please email me.

Hope it helps.
Nice Job, Denny! Very simple and clever treatment. How do you keep the rod in position while attaching it to the top rail without it coming out of the sides?
:cool: Rick
Thanks Rick, but I can't take credit for this. A few posts up I mentioned this was done by a friend who is also a framer with his own shop. But I'll pass on the compliment.

The frame is a double wall frame, Nielsen #100. Holes slightly bigger then the rod were drilled just in the inside wall. The rod was cut long enough so when the ends were slipped in the holes it whould arch with the mid point at the center of the top frame.
I don't know why I didn't mention the name of who actually did the jersey.

Framer is Mark Quade framer/ owner of Main Street Framing in Pulaski, Wisconsin.