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I have never sold Terry Redlin products and have no idea what something like this is worth. I have a customer that really wants to sell it. Can anyone give me an approximate retail value for this item. The title of the print is "From Sea to Shining Sea". It is triple matted with cloth on the outside, rustic frame, and a fishing lure is added to the mat.

Thanks Gang!


THe link above is for the artist proof, the regular edition retails for $250.

The framing came direct from Hadley House, which means it probably looks pretty nast if you were to open it up, lots of tape. It also probably has regular glass and paper mats except the top one since it is fabric.

The print itseld has not gone up in value, it is still available from Wild Wings (his new publisher) On the secondary market one could find it for roughly $100.

Hope this helps
Thanks Tim

I felt like that was the case. The print is XXX of 29500. How can they call that "limited edition"?

You are right about the framing. It looks assembly line-ish.

I found the non-artist proof on the website framed around $450. That is what my customer paid for it a couple of years ago.

We will be lucky to get retail back for him.
you think 29500 is alot????? check out the golden boy of lights sometime....figures out to somewhere around 83-87,000 for his 'limited' offerings, and, I guess, thats just for the prints.....doesntfigure in the 'enhanced' editions, coffee cups, serving trays, greeting cards, aprons, bowling shirts, and God alone knows what all!!!
I've taken in two cruise ship prints by TK for framing recently. It's so hard to keep my mouth shut when the customer is so thrilled with their "limited" print - I feel dirty selling them framing to protect something that's never going to be worth more than a poster.
Is there anyone out there who can help me with this hurdle?
Sue, Just tell them that it may double in price after TK kicks off

Seriously, Those prints cost around a $1 to produce. I doubt the publisher paid more than 50 cents a pop for those huge editions. However, they have to pay artist royalties and like framers, they have the cost of doing business. The public probably would never perceive them as serious and never spend on the custom framing if they sold for $10 at K-mart. Hey! check at my $10 TK in the 10 buck plastic poster frame!

One things for sure, don't let them find out how much it cost you for the framing materials! If I ever open a store front, it will be my best kept secret. I will be recommending conservation framing for those prints on the premise that there is an outside chance (way outside) that it could get valuable some day.

Don't get me wrong, I don't aways agree with the marketing of these posters these days. I like the “wholesome” 70's and 80's when numbered editions were much smaller, many less than 1,000. People could buy these art posters, have them framed and enjoy. Some actually gained in value.
Originally posted by stshof:
Is there anyone out there who can help me with this hurdle?
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stshof: we are business people, not arbiters of people's taste. We just did a TK framejob for over $1200--double fillets, suedes, stacked moulding etc. Tookthe Amex card and smiled.

No I don't like his art. But the customner did and thats all that counts. that and the credit card worked.

Baer: YOUDAMAN. Tasty beverage when overcome with gag-reflex art
Thanks guys! The drink sounds awesome, Baer! If we preserve enough of these "limited" pieces, the next century's framers will be able to laugh at us on the grumble! :D

P.S. Mike, I love this - TK = gag-reflex art!
I sell a lot of TKs and most of the folks who buy them are middle age and up. They are the most wonderful of customers, never had one problem. They buy the art because they like the images and the feelings they have when viewing the art. I don't think I have ever sold one that the customer was buying as an investment.

The limited ed. prints are about the same price of most publishers of Ltd. ed. fine art prints, if not less.

Happy framing, cultivate those TK customers if you can. They usually buy more than one, and often buy for other family members, and friends.....