Help with pricing?


CGF II, Certified Grumble Framer Level 2
Sep 18, 2002
Huntington Beach, CA
Hi all,

I created this shadowbox


Overall rabbit size 37"x27"

There are 60 metal badges with clasp on back side
4 shoulder patches. I cut slots and used E6000 for badges and patches. I took the added care of putting t-pins through the clasp and E6000 them also.

GR72-1050 molding (not my choice)
I used 3 C7113 suede mats (1 for the inside foamcore/mat liner strips for the sides of the molding.

One bottom suede mat for a batch of metals and the top mat was cut with a reverse bevel window and a 3/16 black core giving a 3D look.

I used clear plexi glazing.

For backing I added 1 acid-free formcore with an additional polyfulte sheet to fill up the back.

Large wall-buddies, black paper.

I figured 4 hours labor @ $50 hour for design/layout.

This sure would help me out so thanking you in advance.

Hi Cliff, nice layout! I might suggest $60 an hour but that's being nice to the customer.
My only comment is that I've had problems with the E-6000's longevity. These problems can't be confirmed as they were part of a series of pins my wife made about 10 years ago. The problem consisted of the adhesive turning brittle and falling off. Most of the pieces had some degree of silver in them (maybe that had something to do with it?!?). But in all cases the E-6000 turned yellow and fell off. That's not what I would call integrity on the part of the E-6000!
(I've actually had better luck with silicone sealant holding non-silver clasps shut)


No matter how you price it, a fireman/police/sheriff/public "servent" will always whine about how under paid they are and how expensive framing is, then drive off in their SUV pulling their jet skis.

$50@ 4hrs
$1 per pin placement
1 sheet of AF foam core
standard mat costs for the three mats @ 27x37
standard glazing costs
double the standard fitting cost
and standard mark on the frame

As I run this through my head, I get about $550-$600..... Which means the Fire chief wants to pay only $250 and tell you that even that is more than he paid for the anchor on his 36' Sea Ray.

(sorry, there is no emoticon for the tight lipped crying on the inside as we commisserate about the cost vs payday)
Cliffton, great layout.

In CA I'd say that was extremely generous of your pricing. That said, with any job like this, you are bound to end up losing. As a framer you just can't help it. There are just some jobs you have to take to be "in the game", regardless of losing money, time, hair, etc. I'd probably have charged a little more than that, but then I'd still have felt abused by the end. The problem is, so does the customer.