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help with mounting a warped record album


CGF, Certified Grumble Framer
Apr 21, 2006
Pulaski, WI
1st, I already did a search for vinyl record/album in the grumbler and found great idea's for floating with acrylic, mylar and such but I do not have access to those items.(our list of approved items we can have in shop is very limited) I just need to mount the record to mat board, but with no matting going over the record. I have access to object mounting clips but I would have to back the record with rag mat to fill in. Any idea's on what other options I have? It's an old disney record, full disney picture on front and back and warped. The customer only want's to view one side, with a double circle cut mat around it.
Thanks for the help!
Will they let you have nuts and bolts Pollyann? How about sharp objects?

If these are allowed, you could probably find a bolt that would go thru the foam core, mat, and the hole in the record and screw a nut on to secure it. Paint the visible hardware a color that compliments the rest of the design. Don't forget to put a washer between the foam core and bolt.

Good luck!
On a planet far away, when I was a teenager (well, 25 years ago), I took one of my dad's LP's to "experiment" on, and stuck it into the.......oven!

The temperature was about low-medium, and after 10 minutes, lo and behold! That LP was like, how should I describe it, quite soft! I was able to shape it into any thing I wanted. I even made one into an ash-tray!

Hence, based on prior scientific know-how, a warped record album, "could" be un-unwarped using the above method....but do test it on a disposable specimen first! And stick it between 2 heavy objects (mirrors, glass sheets, etc) to cool down and become flat.

And of course, if it is a preservation kind of project, don't try the above at all. And last but not least, take the above advice at your own risk.

Happy baking and molding!

PS: The above was undertaken by a professional teenager he11-bent on experimenting on anything, with total disregard for any outcome. Hence, the experiment worked admirably.
If said reckless teenager was trying to conserve the LP, Murphy's Law indicates such experiment would have failed promptly!
If you mean that the picture is on the whole disc, then it is certainly vinyl, and this will work.

Turn your press on low heat. (90 degrees is plenty)

Set the record in it, between two sheets of release board or paper, and lower, but do not clamp down, the top.

Wait and watch. You will see the lid go down...

Turn the heat off.

Let it cool.

Ta-daa! flat record.
"find a bolt that would go thru the foam core"

I've been getting small dowels(a little larger than the holes....sanding the shaft down to fit thru the holes, sanding the near end to look like a record spindle & paint it silver, leave it long enough to go the the backer & epoxy the record, shaft, 2-3 bumpons(under the record to keep it stable),from the back(the only part of the process that is a real PIA) not too time consuming(use a belt sander and SHARPE xacto I just dont have any warm/fuzzys about using nut/bolt-altho that should be alot faster)
Great idea about the spindle look Bill. I may have to try that one. Is it like a force-fit through the hole to get the record to stay on?
Remember the 45 rpm inserts? The little plastic adapters you would use to play a 45 on a regular turntable? I used one of those when mounting a 45 rpm...just glued the back of the insert onto a round piece of matboard, and stuck the 45 on it.
I had an album warp on me from exposure to the sun. I put the album on a turntable in the sun, turned it on so the tone arm wasn't engaged and waited. The centrifugal force from spinning made the disc go flat again. Once cool, it was again playable.

The dowel can be further modified using an electric drill as a kind of mini lathe. Sand the dowel down a bit and using a sharp tool cut a ridge in the dowel about 1/4" from the end. Using a fine toothed coping saw, split the dowel so it can compress, not unlike an old fashioned clothes pin. The record can then be held in place by the dowel, and be removed from the frame easily.
Thanks everyone for the idea's and advice. I like the idea of using a dowel and will give it a try. As for the album being warped, it will stay that way, not that I don't think it would work to flatten it, but I won't practice on a customers piece. They are aware of it's condition and fine with it.

Thanks again for the advice.

My assistant came up with the idea of using the plastic part of "mollie bolts". Is that what they're called? Perfect size. She painted the showing end of the plastic piece and screwed it throught the album hole and into the mat. So perfect.
I had a gold disc to frame once - slightly buckled - pre-grumble days, customer was happy with it as it was.

I'll know next time.

Shouldn't this be in warped?