Help with Matte Black Fishish on moulding


Grumbler in Training
Jul 31, 2004
Winter Park, Fl
I had some matte finished (Painted finish not stain) length shipped to me and in transit some polished/glossy spots have appeared.
Anyone have any tips on getting the surface uniform matte?
Everything Ive tryed either rubs off again or looks too different than the original surface.
Some "0000" steel wool,or Krylon Mat Finish, or Krylon flat black spray paint, or flat lacquer, etc. There are many ways, you just have to do what your doing, experiment till something works for you. We have found the "0000" steel wool to be the handiest for cleaning up a finish, but that doesn't always work. Just got to play with it.

Welcome to The Grumble, do you have an actual name or is that it, Art Syfartsy? I had a customer once whose name was Passafume, that's the truth, I ain't making it up.

Real name is Cindy. Hi! And thanks. Ive tryed the Krylon already...Left too much of a texture change and little white dots...guess I'll head to the hardware store for some steel wool. *Sigh* Never fails, when your in a hurry...
Go to a big hardware store, "0000" steel wool is sometimes hard to find.

Or, if that doesn't get the job done, try a fine Scotchbrite, the kind that is sort of a grey color. YOu can get them in an auto supply store or a paint store that sells auto paint.

Another remedy that will sometimes dull the spots is a bit of alcohol daubed on with a cloth or towel. You have to test it first. Some of the flat blacks out there now get sort of gummy when you put alcohol on them.
Fine sandpaper over the entire frame, reduce to a constant finish then a coat of wax well burnished should do the job.

Jack Cee
Looks like the 0000 steel wool is working!
So happy I dont have to use the spray paint after all. Its hard to find a day in florida when the humidity will allow such things.
Thank you John for the tip and thank you all for your help!
That 00000 steel wool is a frequent life-saver in the frame shop when used with not-too-much pressure.

It's nearly impossible to get a decent looking black finish with spray paint.