Help with hardware

Lori M.

May 23, 2003
I'm confused once again, I have three projects almost finished and need some help with the hanging hardware. I need the hangers that you attach the wire to on wood moldings and I don't know what to order.

I also need the correct hangers and hardware for metal frames.

I've come across so many names, euro screw hangers, single hole hanger, single hole triangle hanger, super steel I, super steel II, AMS tapped angles, back plates, springs etc. Can somebody tell me what these are.

Thanks very much,
Lori M.
We use D-Rings and screws for wood in this part of the world.

AMS have a kit with all the parts for metal frames.

You should be able to get all supplies like that from United or you also have Alan in Canada at
Accent Art Distributors Ltd
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We also use single hole hinge hangers. You can order them from larson product # 71676.
If the picture is large or heavy we use wall buddies.

In Canada try frame guild. They have Hinge Hangers as well. Product # 8600-1301-00.

Good luck
Tapped angles (or, as one of my employees used to call them, taped angels)and back plates are used to assemble the corners of metal frames. There are saw tooth hangers (that snap into the channel) and wire holders (that screw into the channel) available for metal frames. Spring clips are used to hold the framing package firmly in the frame if, for some reason, you don't want to fill the back with foam core.

For small wooden frames, use a single-screw strap hanger angled up toward the top of the frame. SuperSteel I's have two screw holes and are for slightly larger pieces.

SuperSteel II's have four screw holes. For anything large enough to require them, I would suggest using WallBuddies or HookUps instead.

The United Catalog also has WallBuddies for metal frames; HookUps come packaged with alternate hardware for use with either metal or wood.