Help with framing 3d decoupage


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Apr 7, 2004
I need some help - I have been framing for a while know and I am stuck on the following.
My wife has started 3d decoupage and wants me to frame here first picture. The picture is 50mm in depth mounted on 10inch by 12 inch with an oval mount. I have used the special moulding to make a box frame that sits inside the rebate etc before ,but, I know it can be done just using mat/mount board.
Can anyone explain how to work it out and make the box??

Many thanks


p.s. I hope they way I explained this is easy to understand!!!!
I think I understand,

The art is 5/8" thick needing a 3/4" deep shadowbox that you don't have in the oval frame that you want to frame it in. (?)

Taking 2 ply rag, you can wet and form to the shape. When dry, glue layers (laminate) with watered white glue. Over lap the splices for strength. Untill you have a paper wall in an oval that is aobut 8mm thick and 60mm deep and fits into that 10"x12" oval.... Then tell your wife to do the next one in a rectangle shape. :D
First of all Baer thanks for your reply - your help was great (as usual)
I finished the frame using Frame Box from arqadia. But because the flowers where 50mm in height I had to space it out with a couple of extra mats.

Please see enclosed pics



Thanks to all for your continuing help and advice!!!!