Help with Cutting Needed


Grumbler in Training
Dec 13, 2005
I am a photographer and recently have been doing many many framing jobs of my own work. I used to order chops or had the frames joined but this proves to be very expensive as you know. We purchased a Makita Saw and a Inmes manual underpinner. We had satisfactory results some of the time. The Underpinner was frustrating
VERY Frustrating so I just purchased a Mitre Mite VN Manual which is a world of difference but we keep running into bad corners on the last corner. We are using a Dewalt 96 High endTooth blade that is kept clean and sharp. Ps..the Inmes is for sale best offer plus shipping. Thanks for any help.
Sounds like your moulding is either warped or you are not putting enough force on the moulding when cutting. The moulding needs to be directly up against the back plate of the saw and flat on the base. Any bow or pitch in the moulding while cutting will directly effect the last corner. The last corner is the truth corner in framing. If your saw is only half a degree off, when you get to fourth corner, you can be off as much as 2 degrees total in the final corner.

Try this suggestions.

Slow down on your cut and put solid pressure on the moulding. Pulling the miter blade down too fast will make your moulding crawl backwards while cutting. You have to give the blade enough time to clear out the cut so it has somewhere to go or the blade starts to get traction on the moulding and rolls it slightly.

Give it a try and good like. You may also think about getting a framers vise as well. You can glue the fourth corner set and v-nail it after it is set. I do that with hard mouldings.
I was wondering what you found frustrating with the Inmes underpinner? I recently purchased one but have only made a few frames with it so far. I hope to benefit from your experience and better understand the limitations of that tool.

I am afraid that as a newbie I can't help much with your question. However I have done a lot of reading on the subject in the forum archives over the past week or so. Maybe your saw needs a tune-up to make sure that the 45 degree stops are bang on. You might also want to investigate a cutting fence system (Phaedra, Clearmount) or a mitre sander (ITW Amp or United's Superior sander).
If you are getting good corners on one through three but the fourth corner is bad then I would say that the only problem you have is that the angle of your cut is slightly off. It is rare that a factory setting on a miter saw is perfectly on the degree. A good saw should be able to make fine adjustments to your settings. Get a 45% triangle and test the angle of your saw.

Also as was stated before3 make sure there is no movement on your moulding as you are cutting through it. The saw will sometimes(see all the time) pull the moulding towards the blade as it is cutting. This can also give you a bad angle cut.
I agree with Brian. If the moulding is straight, and all the corners of your assembled frame are tight excpet the last one, then the angle is off. If your saw is dead-on, then one other possibility is that you are not cutting the lenghts of the opposite sides of the frame exactly the same.

Good luck!