Help Restaining Frame


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Jan 8, 2004
Prunedale, Ca
I am having a hard time changing the color of a picture frame. I want to stain it darker. Nothing seems to stick. I am trying to do this without taking the frame off of the picture! Are there some products that will work?

Chances are the original finish is sealed, so nothing is going to penetrate without stripping the frame.

There is an opaque "stain" in various colors by MinWax that is meant for finishing things like steel doors and possibly simulating a wood grain. I have used this as a last resort on a previously finished wood frame, but I would never try it with the glass and art still in place.

I'll check the name of the product when I get to the shop in a few hours.
By the way, I think I need to switch to the special large font for the visually-impaired.

I thought the title of this topic was "Help Restraining Frame," and that sounded interesting.
Artists' oil paint can be rubbed on, with a rag,
to many finishes to which other media will not

Originally posted by Ron Eggers:
I thought the title of this topic was "Help Restraining Frame," and that sounded interesting.
Same reason I came to this post first today, Ron. Just wondered why it was here instead of on Warped :confused:
That MinWax product is called Gel Stain (for Wood, Fiberglass, Metal and other Surfaces,) but I think I'd try Hugh's idea first.

I have no idea why Wood, Fiberglass, Metal and Surfaces are all capitalized. I'm just reading the can.
Oil paint takes many month to "dry", but a thin
coating will be set up in a day or two and its
drying can be hastened with careful application of heat from a heat gun.

Pssst... Ron, Yes, please use the larger font... I too, thought it said "restraining" ... oh boy. Roz
Thanks I am going to try your suggestions. I will let you know what works! This is an original piece of artwork. It is wonderful picture.

I did type restraining the first time! When I previewed my post I had to go back and edit what I typed! Must be subconscious thinking!