Help, please! Mirror under glass?


SGF, Supreme Grumble Framer
Sep 16, 2002
Ohatchee, AL
A customer brought in a 50s(?) picture with a gold crackle foil mat. The same gold foil is around the frame; topped with plexi. She wants to take out the outdated print and replace it with a mirror. I opened it and sure enough, the gold crackle foil mat which she loves is painted onto the glass. How does a mirror look under glass? How about if I space it away from the glass and painted mat? Will it work? Please help!
Havent seen mirror under glass(only pheasant)....had similar last mo---painted mat on glass-2"black, 1/4" gold, 1/8" black....looked very good considering the glass & print had tons of growing stuff on them!!! I put a 2ply mat under the painted mat-for spacing- and it look pretty good all around.. my guess is your mirror will be ok.....get an example and seeeee---proof's in the puddin'!
You'd have to space the mirror and glass or risk newton's rings. There will be a faint double reflection from the glass - especially when viewed at an angle. Hold a piece of glass parallel to a mirror to see the effect. Anti reflective coated glass may do wonders here, if the budget allows.

Finally, if the frame is large, two pieces of glass can make it heavy.