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Aug 7, 2005
Nanticoke, PA
WOLFrames Picture Framing
I hope you see this and can maybe help me somehow. I'll start with the question first and then give the background info.

When will you be getting item #5657 elettrograf flexipoints back in stock?

I have #5656 elettrograf pneumatic flexipoint gun. Just over 2 months ago I ordered #5657 flexipoints, but they have been out of stock. This last time I placed an order, I noticed your catalog states that my gun also takes #5314 duetto flexipoints so I ordered those. When they came in I put them in the gun and found that I couldn't slide the feed door closed because it hit the tip of the points. I called about the problem and was sent fletcher flexipoints #5687. I put them in the gun and when I tried to shoot a point in a frame it jammed in the gun. It took me about 20 minutes to unjam it. They are apparently slightly thicker than the elettrograf points.

Problem is that I only have maybe 2 weeks worth of points left that work, if I stretch it. Can you get me points that will work before I'm out?

Thanks, Mark
It would be great help if you were to tell me the name of your shop. I would like to see who recommended the wrong points to you twice. I will look into when we will have the Electrograph points as soon as our purchasing agent arrives to work this morning.
Also, do you really think this forum was the best way to reach out to me? I do have e-mail and a toll free phone. However since we are here we will finish it here. I will be posting the answer to your problem as soon as I know who you are.
Peter Ackerman
Business name is WOLFrames in Nanticoke, PA. Actually, the first replacements points weren't recommended to me by the phone rep, it's what's listed in your catalog. Page 151 for the #5656 Flex gun states: uses points: #5657, #5314.

You stated "do you really think this forum was the best way to reach out to me?". It was late after spending time working on my point driver, I was frazzled and thinking about not being able to finish pictures if I run out of points. I don't know your email address and I didn't think that calling your 800 order number and asking for the president's office would get me through to you. If it can, that's great. I've seen other people post about trying to find out of stock mouldings. And I have seen some posts by you somewhere here, so at the time I thought this was a good way to try to get you (notice the first words in my original post were "I hope you see this"). And I'd rather try someway to get you rather than trying some other supply company since I've been ordering from United for the 10 years I've been in business and for the 11 years before that when I worked for someone else.

If I used bad judgement and did something wrong, I apologize. I'll give myself 30 lashes with a wet noodle for being so dumb.
Peter, you should know by now, that we know you read the grumble, and will respond quickly. I am glad to know that there is at least one company that cares about thier business, and customers, enough to join a forum like the Grumble.

Thanks for being the president of that kind of company.
I think its a fantastic place for Mark to post - this gives Peter the opportunity to look fantastic!
I think Peter IS pretty fantastic. He's the only 'Boss-Man' I know of who reads the G, and responds to questions and problems.

I also think (no offense, Mark) that an email would've been the better way to get in touch. I found his email in about 5 seconds by going to 'Directory' and typing his name in 'Screen Name', then clicking on 'more>' just under his name. Up pops his email access.

One thing for sure, he WILL get to the bottom of the matter, and fix it so everybody's happy! Or so he has in my limited experience with him.
In the relatively short time I've had a business relationship with United, I am greatly impressed with their customer care & service.

The products are pretty good, too! Thanks for everything, Peter. Three thumbs up!!
Thanks Otto at United for sending my lost set screw so fast. Your quick service is absolutely the best.
It is amazingly cool how consistent Mr Ackerman is is about resolve!~
I am humbled. Thank you all for your kind remarks.

I understand your frustration completely. As Bill used to say, “I feel your pain”. I too am frustrated by our supplier of the points when they do not respond to repeated requests for information about ship dates.

The error in my catalog is my fault alone. I tested the points in the Elettrograph gun myself and they fired just fine. This is not always the case as you point out. I will be updating the catalog to show the correct information.

Now to resolve the issue at hand, I have a partial box of the 5657 Elettrograph flex points I am sending you today. I am also sending a new box of item 4950 ITW/AMP Mitre Mite Tab Points that are identical to the Elettrograph. This box has 12,000 points which should keep you in points for a while. Please accept these points as compensation for any inconvenience this problem may have caused you. You will have the points on Friday.
Peter Ackerman
and...Markyw, I noticed that you are somewhat new to the grumble. Once you logon and do a search for some one you can access their e-mail address or on a post you'll notice the little envelope at the top, that will get you there also.

Good work Peter. If you have any spare time I could use some help on our new price list!
Thank you very much for your help Peter.

John, yes I am pretty new to the Grumble and thanks for pointing out the little envelope at the top of each post. And to Charles for pointing out the 'directory' (although I had to look around a little for that but found it at the very top of each page). I belong to another message board on landlording and their site is set up different than the Grumble (and I don't know how to do everything on that site either). It's easy to assume when you know how to do something, that other people know how to do it, too (or can figure it out easily). But that's not necessarily the case. I just did that myself recently. I had my sister help me with some extra work, cutting backing boards to size and putting dust covers on, stuff to me that is so second nature I don't even think when I'm doing it. But I had to explain everything step by step to her and she still had some problems. And I thought to myself 'this is so simple, how could you not get it the first time'. But it's just not second nature to her, so I just explained it again and she did better.

I guess that's just a long winded explanation to say that I'm learning stuff here that's not necessarily second nature to me and thank you for your patience.

And again to Peter, thank you.