help!!! mats, no glass


Jan 10, 2005
OK, I have a customer who insists on matting 2 small sand paintings, and doesn't want any glass. The matting is suede. The sand paintings are on particle board and will be sink mounted in foam board. The old frame job was triple matted, no glass, and the old mats were holding down very well when I ripped them off (no buckling, even though they were dirty). It seems the previous framer had brushed on a layer of glue (or something else) across the entire width of the back of the old mats to adhere them together so that they would not warp or bend outwards. Can anyone recommend an adhesive (other than ATG) that I can use to adhere the new mats together that will prevent warping or buckling over a long period of time. I know that there are no guarantees, but I would like to do the best possible job I can to satisfy this customer and keep these 2 sand paintings looking good for as long as possible. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks as usual,

Well, if she HAS to have it this way, I would glue the mats into a solid mass with good old Elmers. Or you could use Yes! paste, but I haven't experienced buckling with Elmers in such applications. Just don't let it drool onto the painting!