Help...looking for a flag case

Little Conestoga

Sep 15, 2002
Not the nice kind, the pretty display cases in beautiful mahogany, gold trim etc...NO! This person wants the case that was broken, and we need to replace. It is the triangle shape, but cheesey brass/metal THIN frame and glass on the front and sides, no back to it. I looked where was logical, but no results. Any suggestions? I appreciate it!
Morning Little--Do you have a Bombay store near you? Not exactly what you asked for but they have an absolutely beautiful flag case with beveled glass, beautiful wood etc. for only $79. Maybe you could find it on their website--I`m assuming it is but don`t know for sure. Not only that they are having a sale on certain items but not sure if this is one. Good Luck!!!!! Bud Cole
There used to be a Nielsen metal frame that had a separate groove for the glass. With careful angle cutting, you might be able to duplicate that 'fine' quality look... dunno if it is still available though... [well, thank you Ellen for that well researched answer...]
Okay...thank you! Yes a nice wood case would be so nice, but it will "clash with the wood of the bookcase" and the wood in a fifty mile radius...sorry about my sarcasm, I feel I am being yanked around here by customer, trying to smile while being smacked. Patience, Patience.....
Just tell them the same thing I would tell them. "The metal frame broke because it was not providing enough support for the glass. You need a stronger frame." then you can pull out your handy-dandy InLine Ovals catalog, and order them a wood flag case.

When something brakes, it is time to upgrade. There is a reason cheap metal flag frames are hard to find. They are not worth the trouble.