help joining deep moulding


CGF, Certified Grumble Framer
Jul 24, 2004
Round Pond, ME
I have a deep moulding, 1 1/2' made out of poplar with a flat profile, a very plain moulding. I've been asked to put together hundreds of these. Before taking on the job, I asked for a piece of the moulding to fool around with. I can't seem to get a tight corner! I'm using a framesquare saw and vn2+1 underpinner.... using soft wood v-nails, tried the 15mm, 10 mm and stacking 10mm and also stacking the 7 mm...... still getting gaps at the corners! Any tips for joining a deep profile?
Could be a couple of things. Make sure that your saw is cutting OK. I have sometimes have blade flair issues on deeper mouldings.

Assuming that the cuts are good and the corner lines up in the joiner it could be the stacking of "V" nails. Where are you stacking them? I would only stack on the inside of the corner. Use just one nail on the outside. Keep it as far in from the outside as you can allow. You may want to try a HARD wood v-nail. I have always had better luck stacking those.

Another thought...If the corner is good in the clamp of the joiner and opens when you release the clamp, try shooting a pin nail in the corner while it is in the joiner calmp. You will of course need a pneumatic nailer, but hey if you making humdreds of these, you can go buy one.... The other downfal to this is ofcourse...the dreaded "P" word.."PUTTY!" for the nail holes...

Good luck