HELP-getting wavy bevels with new Valiani


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Mar 6, 2006
i just bought a brand new Valiani Astra 150 and i'm getting wavy bevels. i'm pretty experienced cutting mats so i know it's not the blade depth. i think it may be a manufacturing problem. does anyone have any ideas?
here's a picture of one of the mats. i used photoshop to highlight the edges.
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I have never run into that problem on my astra 150. I agree you may have a loose cutting head. If you have a new blade, extended just far enough to cut the mat, maintain even pressure on the clamping bar, an even and constant pull and pressure on the blade, you should normally be okay. A smooth slipsheet i hope. Try cutting just a piece of kraft paper and see if you get the same result. I will look at mine Fri morn for any possible reason. Good luck.
thank you...good idea..the kraft paper cut shows exactly the same problem..i've got an old logan simplex cutter w/o fixed blade and it shows a much straighter line.
i've cleaned w/ lighter fluid...used tape to clean the bearings. i've tried to wiggle the cutting head and it doesn't's tight. i don't think the bar could be misaligned in such a way. the only thing i can think of is that one of the bearings may be if one we're larger than the rest..causing a continuous rising and falling wave. a tidal wave for me since i just opened a frame shop yesterday and was depending on this cutter so i guess i'm going to close and reopen when i get this working right.
do you know anything about a "repair tool" that is mentioned in the valiani manual?
If it were a bearing, you would feel the repeating wobble as you move it. Try some cuts, but go faster to see if you feel the repeating wobble. At least your images don't seem to show a pattern.

Your cutting head may be tight, but be sure the blade and the blade carrier ar not loose for some reason.

This may be a reach. I would double check the blade depth and try another slip sheet. The blade tip could "track" in a groove in the slip sheet and get pulled off a bit. You may want to experement with different blade depths.
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You stated that the cutting head is many adjustment points do you have? Check them all. Also check to see that the pivot assembly is not loose.

What did the distributor say when you called?


thanks for the help

not the slipsheet or blade depth...tried probably 2,000 different positions and combinations of mats already. and nearly all the expensive blades that come w/ it.

there are two bolt holding the mechanism to the sliding rail. then there are two bolts on the top which hold the cutting heads on. i loosened the rail bolts a little which helped w/ the head sliding down the rail more first there were a couple spots on the track where the cutting head would slow down slightly as if the bar were thicker there or something.. but loosened or tight, i got the exact same result. i did not loosen the nuts on the blade pivot. i think that is the next thing i will try..i just don't want to mess anything up on it.
the distributor said they've been selling these for 1,325 years and w/ over 6.3 billion owners noone has ever made a single complaint...assuming it is my error. but they did offer to exchange...even though they'd have to get it shipped from italy & i live 6 hours from their shop & i'm going to get very little work done to make rent until i get it back..etc..
no return emails from valiani...trying to call now.
Does Valiani sell computers too? Sounds just like the excuses one would get from computer techs. It's always your fault...ha! Even when you prove then wrong..Can't be way!
live 6 hours from their shop & i'm going to get very little work done to make rent until i get it back..etc..

Not the best solution but if your not going to get anything done anyhow and they think it is you not them, it might be worth the day trip to take it there and have them prove to you, demonstrate how to get perfect cuts. If they can't at least they'll have the machine there to reorder a new on for you. In that case what about them having a loaner aval for you while you wait for replacement. Ask nice a time or two and then ask a little firmer.