Help finding VN2+1 O-ring


Apr 27, 2004
I have a Mitre Mite VN2+1 that needs new o-rings (the ones located inside the air control valves). It's a rubber ring 1/2 inch in outside diameter, with a 1/4 inch "donut hole" opening inside. The rubber circle is made with a 1/8 inch circle at one level, then drops down, or "intents" about 1/16 inch to a lower interior ring which is also 1/8 inch circle.

I had this problem a few years back and the only way I could get the right rings was to buy the whole air-control valve from AMP - just to get the rings!!! I spend alot of money for what is probably a 3 cent part.

AMP didn't have just the rings and didn't know where to get them; they could only give me the manufacturers phone number in Europe. I called and talked to some of the company's employees, but it all came to a dead end.

It's frustrating - I've tried Graingers, local hardware stores, everywhere - and heck, I'm in Detroit auto country.

Have any of you been successful in finding an o-ring to fit? Let me know if you have, or I'll just have to buy the whole dang valve from AMP.

Too bad AMP can't help (I hope it's not just because they want to sell me the whole valve).

Thanks for any help you can give me!
Have you tried industrial supply repair shops? Or how about Production Tool Supply Co. and others if the same gaundra. There are companies that rebuild equipment as well.
With tooling and equipment being international, parts being imperial or metric should be available somewhere in town.

Did you take the parts with you to see if they do fit. Sometimes o rings will stretch when they are taken of a part and will net be the same size as a new part.

or am I reading it wrong and it is the foot control valve that is bad (a custom bladder). I purchased a replacement one locally for about $50.00.
Years ago they used to sell the o-rings as replacement parts. I used to change them out myself. It's pretty easy. Then they wised up and started making some money on replacement control valves. I tried to research finding the o-rings on my own. Got as far as a company called Bermar, but no luck getting rings. I just checked the web bookmark I had saved for them and it brings up a 404-not found message nowadays.
The good news: your old control valves make cool-looking paperweights for your desk.

If you have some time on your hands, here's the industrial yellow pages listing for 0-rings:
Have you checked out hardware stores, plumbing supply stores or auto parts stores? They tend to help, and if you go to the parts desk at an auto store they tend to be like us, ie give them a problem and they want to figure out how to fix it!

Another good place to try would be an appliance repair store, preferably a Mom and Pop not Sears! Given that our compressors are really refridgerator compressors and they fix fridges they might relish the challenge to find the o-ring for you.

Just a couple of random thoughts! :D

I see pages and pages of o-rings listed in my Small Parts catalog.

Small Parts Inc.
13980 NW 58th Court
P.O. Box 4650
Miami Lakes, FLA 33014-0650

fax: 800-423-9009

Good luck!!

Edie the catalogcollector goddess
If you spend a whole work day looking for the O-rings, then spend an hour or two installing them, you would probably be money ahead to just replace the whole part.

You've had repeated O-ring problems with your pneumatic v-nailer? How often do you lubricate the incoming air supply?

During the time I used a VN2+1 (8 years) and a VN42 (7 years), only one valve needed replacement. Every two weeks I removed the quick-connect air hose and squirted a few drops of pneumatic lubricant into the machine's incoming air fitting.

Even better, use an automatic air filter/lubricator, which is added where the air supply goes into the machine. That was a standard option on my new Fletcher 5700; it simply screws to pre-tapped holes on the back of the machine.
Thank you to all for your responses. I'm swamped (a good thing) and haven't had a chance to reply.

The Mitre Mite VN2+1 that I have is going on nine years old and the o-ring replacement (3 of them) last year was the first problem I've had - which speaks to the quality of the machine. Now having to replace more o-rings raises the question of do I buy a new machine, or buy the $92 replacement kit for each o-ring (again I need more than 1) to just get the 3 cent part. Will something else on it go wrong sometime soon? Where is that crystal ball!

I do have an air filter/lubricator, but I'll try squirting more lubricant in the hose. I've been many places with my little o-ring, but I haven't tried the appliance repair shops. It sounds like a good idea; I especially like the comment that they might rise to the challenge - I know I do that for my customers (even ones that don't buy anything). I wish ITW/AMP would do that for me.

I guess I'm VERY disappointed in ITW/AMP. I don't know if they're just frustrated like me or what, but their response to my problem was "that's just life". I'm not kidding.

Sooooooo, I guess I'll give it one more try. It's definitely like finding a needle in a haystack!
After posting my response, I did a little searching on the web. My general feeling is that there are so many types, sizes, shapes, materials of rings out there that unless you know the specifics of what to ask for, your chances of getting a properly-functioning replacement are pretty remote. Spending under $300 for a few control valves seems much better than spending thousands for a new machine. My VN2+1 is even older than yours. I've replaced a couple of these valves over the years, as well as the push-rod piece that keeps the v-nail stack in place. Also, it may become necessary to clean any dirt out of seals if they are leaking air (such as under the black disk). But all-in-all, this is a great machine and very durable. I think it's got a lot of life left in it. Also, I think that ITW/AMP offers an overhaul service to restore your machine. You might check into the cost of that before doing all the work yourself. They are located in Illinois, so I don't know what the shipping costs would be, but you might find this to be an economical option
:cool: Rick.

P.S. If you're still searching for those rings, I'm looking at one of my <strike>paperweights</strike> old control valves right now, and it is made by Pneumax. It has a number stamped on the label:
Perhaps you could give this info to a potential supplier of the rings to help ID the proper ones.
Originally posted by Kath.ryn:
...I guess I'm VERY disappointed in ITW/AMP. I don't know if they're just frustrated like me or what, but their response to my problem was "that's just life". I'm not kidding...
I only had to call ITW/Amp once in the 16 years I used their machines, but they have a reputation for being responsive to problems.

If you've had o-ring troubles repeatedly in nine years, something's wrong, and it is almost certainly in your air supply.

Are you sure your filter/lubricator is working? It should be right on the machine, and not at the compressor; condensation and particulate contaminants could develop inside the air lines.

What do you use to transport the air? Rubber/synthetic hoses? Plastic pipes? Metal pipes? How much footage of air lines is between your compressor and v-nailer?