Help finding the value please


MGF, Master Grumble Framer
Dec 1, 2004
New Westminster, B.C. Canada
I have just been given a R.N. Hurley (Robert Newton) watercolour to reframe. It came from the parents of one of my very good friends. Unfortunately she came home to find it on the floor. One corner of the frame is crushed, but the glass survived!? It is in a very old fabric wrapped mat that she does not want me to change. She would really like it to look just the same as when it hung in her parents house....Time to start pulling out boxes of samples....So all I am going to do is put it in a new frame, change it to UV glass and put an AF foamcore back on (right now it is cardboard)

The image is of grain elevators and a field. He was known to paint images of Saskatchewan so I assume that is where it is of. Image size is 9.5" x 13.5"..He does show up on AskArt but I don't have a membership, can anyone help me with the research....

Thats definately them, there is one there called Grain Harvest that is very similar, another one called Summer Scene in the Mckenzie Art Gallery. Very similar.....

Looks like it has some Canadian Art history value! Her parents lived in Victoria, which is where Hurley died....I wonder if they bought it from the artist?