Help finding myself?

Terry Hart cpf

SGF, Supreme Grumble Framer
Sep 23, 2003
Excelsior, MN
I've been going through the pre 2004 archive wondering what happened to my old self & trying (unsuccessfuly) to find an old post. I know I registered as artworksframer & made some posts back in the dim reaches of time but then my login stopped working & eventually I re registered. I found a post by framertg in Aug 2003 where he said all accounts inactive for 2yr were being deleted. If I was one of those does that mean that anything I had posted would no longer exist? Or was it all a dream? If I didn't exist then can I really exist now? Help me. Please. Help me.
Terry, please... stop. You're making my brain hurt. It's Friday. We're supposed to be winding down, and I can't h e l p y o u

I just got off the phone to my friend in New Zee, where it's Saturday...

Does that make me a time traveler? :eek:

don't know about your where abouts before 2004, but isn't the Grumble being upgraded or moved to another server? maybe the older posts haven't been transfered, or maybe they are the only thiing transfered.

BTW I looked at your "first" posting. (in 2004)

I use monofilament to attach things to matboard, I probably would have suggested using a dry fly line so that it would show up better than monofilament, wonder how that shadowbox turned out!
I thought yesterday was Friday.
It was Meci!!

Sorry Terry I can't even find myself...your on your own>
No help here...I did catch you on a thread from next week though.

All I can say is that I couldn't will have had said it better myself.
Sorry Terry, I can't find my own self either. I just got back from a meeting with 10 other gallery owners about a co-op brochure. Geeze. It can't be Friday. It must be next week. Or yesterday. My head. Help.
I'm into next week already

If everything old is new again will your past posts become present posts?

It all goes back to my "Tear in time theory" that I added to Roz's post about logging out but not logging in and the existence of Bizzaro Grumble land.
It's got to be friday,because we go out for mexican food and margarittas on friday,and tonight we're going out for mexican food and margarittas
Thanks for all your strange replies. I no longer kwestion my existence only my judgement. But what the hey, its friday. I'll have my margarita with a side of margaritas.
Yaa, friday. This is the day you go home even if you are not done with what it was you were supose to do.

I think...
I have to work tomorrow, so doesn't that make tomorrow my Friday, and today my Thursday? And if I work Sunday (most likely) it makes Sunday my Friday and also my Sunday and...and....oh, my head. I need a margarita too.
Nope, never mind...One tequila, two tequila, three tequila....floor!

Happy Friday everybody who's Friday it really is/was!