Help finding deep frame

J Phipps TN

SGF, Supreme Grumble Framer
Jul 14, 2004
Kingsport TN
OK, I am framing two baseball bats in one shadowbox. They will be hanging vertically and the handles will be criss crossed at the top.

I'm having a hard time finding a frame that is deep enough for the bottom part of the bats.
It needs to be black.
Do you know of any sources? price is not a big issue but still needs to be reasonable.

Also do you have any suggestions for attaching the bats?

I think I am going to have to use some piano wire in there but any suggestions would be appreciated.
Pictures of any that you have done would help alot.

What depth and width are you looking for?
Also, what finish is required?

Richard Allan
3 inches would work but would be close.

As far as the finish, It just need to be a smooth black. Nothing special. I don't think she wants a wood grain look though.
I gave her a price on larson 433082 the largest in the Soho line. It's jut not deeep enough.
Come on you guys, You always know this stuff.
I just need a 3" deep black frame. Are they really that hard to find?


Sounds like it's time to stack some profiles.

Alternatively, Xylo moulding has a couple of deep shadowbox mouldings with extenders.

Their number is 800 6275040.
Thanks Deb,

I have only stacked a few flat mouldings for a great look. I'm not really that sure how to do the deep ones and make them strong enough to hold glass.

I am trying to avoid it if possible.

Build out Studio 26801 with a Studio 23501 (rip the lip off).
Framerica stackers?
Unfinished Basswood/White Maple/Oak/Ramin cap 682-3" from Fosters.
Unfinished Poplar/White Maple and Fiddleback Maple S-24-3 from Xylo.

Call Eric at Frames Plus Woodworks 800-795-6319. He can supply you with 3" to 22" deep! Tell him I sent you!

Also Lois at Superior can supply you with acrylic holders for the bats.
Gemini Mouldings in Chicago has several very deep shadowbox mouldings. And their Showcase Acrylics division can build you any kind of acrylic box & mounts for the bats.

Lois at Superior is good, but Gemini/Showcase is much closer to you. Shipping an acrylic box is relatively expensive.
Those were acrylic clips not an acrylic box.

Hey Jim, how're things out east.
Probably about the same as your neighborhood, Jeff. Still recovering from holidays, working on inventory, and preparing for Las Vegas.

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i see the problem is solved, but why couldn't you make an object box like out of 1 x 4's or wider and then stack a moulding on top of it???...remember I don't mess with cutting and joining frames...
Baer: what and who are Sterling Frames? That looks like a closed corner on my AOL/cheap instore computer. So they send samples? Don't mind paying for them.

Answers please

O NEVER MIND. Didn't see the website link. Linked to it and all questions answered.
O one other thing: a few weeks ago I posted a similar problem with two Carnivale masks. Folks suggested using plexiboxes. Did it and customer loved it. I forget who sent me a pic on here--could it have been John in CA??--but used the idea and customer loved it.

Often those deep boxes become like "tunnels" whereas the plexi box is a lot more "open" and airy. Plus, in the cse of the masks, the customer could see all sides of the mask, except of course for the back.

Just an idea

To be able to view the back of an item in an acrylic box try this.

Use a framed piece of plex as the strainer. You can screw into the side of the frame. Attach the item by drilling tiny holes through the framed plex. This will give the object the effect of floating in air.
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