Help! Drymount question


Jan 10, 2005
To make a long story short, I am faced with the dilemma of what to do with a 20 by 30 photo printed from an Epson printer that has a layer of Colormount attached to the back. The photo, unfortunately, was left in the drymount machine while temperatures reached 235 degrees. I removed the photo from the machine before serious damage occured, though I did notice some small strange circles appearing in the print that must have been caused by the extreme high temperature. I then removed the photo from the half-baked foam board, but was unable to easily remove the sheet of colormount from the back as it had already adhered in many areas. Next, I attempted to drymount the photo, thinking it would adhere without problems. It went through 2 times at 180 degrees for 5 minutes but the Colormount failed to adhere to the foamboard. The colormount is now, however, stuck completely to the picture. Is it safe for me to redrymount this photo? If so, does anyone have anything they would recommend to use? Can I remount it with Fusion, Speedmount or Colormount? I would sincerely appreciate any advice from someone who has faced a similar problem. Thanks, as usual,

Paige -
Is it possible to have the photo reprinted? That would most likely be the easiest way to correct this problem.
Colormount is basically a "tissue" w/ adhesive on both sides. Most likely when you removed the foam board, it removed that side's layer of adhesive as well.
If it was a true photograph on RC paper, "Un=Du" would work, but it would be tedious on a photo that large. Not knowing what type of paper your photo has been printed on, I would be hesitant to try to remove the colormount from it for fear of causing additional damage.
Personally, I would probably use "Fusion" since it is just adhesive w/ no tissue. However, I think it would be best for you to remount it on speed-mount. With it's low temp & short dwell time, it would be easier to correct and/or remove it should you encounter any additional problems during the process.
Good Luck
Thanks Mike. I really never even thought about the fact that the layer of adhesive was left on the foamboard the first time I removed the photo. Of course this makes perfect sense to me now. Since it's printed on an Epsom I am afraid of the un-do, and agree that the colormount can not be safely removed. I will try to have the photo reprinted, but agree Speedmount would probably be the best choice to use if it has to be re-drymounted.
In case there might be some residual gunk on the back of the existing dry mount tissue, you might consider wiping the back of it with a cotton pad and lighter fluid (naphtha). If it ain’t perfectly smooth, it’s gonna get lumpy when you do it again.