Help adding website to signature


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Feb 28, 2002
Vancouver, B.C., Canada
I think this is an easy question! Can someone lead me step by step (I'm computer challanged) through the process of adding my new website address to my signature so that it works as a link? Thanks!


Use the following format, but without the spaces:

[ URL=]Fine Art Conservation[/URL ]

You can substitute other descriptive text in place of "Fine Art Conservation" if you wish, like "Rebecca's Website."
Hmmm - seems to be a case of "If I can do it wrong, I will". Think I'll take a break and wait for the support staff to add suggestion. Thanks!

URL=]Fine Art Conservation[/URL]

Try posting the link WITHIN your message on this thread. Then I can look at it and see what the problem is. (I can't hack into your profile and still take a Slim-Fast lunch break today.)

Also, when you make a change to your profile and want to see the results, it isn't necessary to post a new message. Just "edit" and existing message (without making any actual changes) and the signature, avatar or whatever will be updated on that message and, eventually, on all of your messages.

And, finally, it looks to me like you left off the [/URL] at the end. Then you get:

Fine Art Conservation
And when you need to put it other places and don't have Ron to call on, just go to the site yourself, then highlight the address, copy it, then paste it wherever you need to put it. At least that's what I do with mine.