Hello, Liebermans??


True Grumbler
Apr 23, 2005
Fargo North Dakota
Dearest Grumblers,

I order my poster prints from Liebermans via telephone. I, for the life of me cannot get ahold of them -- the line just rings and rings. I emailed my order, however no one has contacted me back to confirm they have received my order.

Anyone know of another venue?? Any suggestion will be helpful.

I just called them....about an hour ago. They answered right away.

Tel# 800-221-1032
Fax# 413-584-3399
They moved this past weekend.

The phone and web site got a little munged up in the process.

They seem to be back among the living again.
Ahhh Good ole Verizon

Hmmmm. I have been trying to do a search, with no luck. Didn't make me look to good in front of my customer. I hope that it is fixed soon. 'Tis the season!

anyone have this connected to internet at your store? I find that feature wonderful. Customer orders, you enter order, you hit a button BOOM "GIT R DONE" They respond in a few hours
Mike, are you referring to accessing their site, or the new product they are advertising that let's you hook into your site.

I have givent he customer web access since I opened more than 3 yrs ago. I also have the explorer resident on the computer. I have not upgraded the explorer recently because access to the web site seems to make the customer happier. They get to continue at home if they have to run.

I am very interested in the feature allowing me to hook up to my site, but haven't been able to get them to respond. I am assuming their lack of response is due to their recent move.
Hello from Liebermans,

Cliff Wilson is right that we did move over the weekend. Mike Labbe is right about good ole Verizon, despite our 3-month full court press to avoid problems in the transition.

We are working all out to get it straightened out, the place is crawling with technicians.

Many, but not all, calls are now coming though on the 800 number, so we ask that you keep trying that, and forgive us if (as is happening to a few) you get cut off.

As of now, all orders sent by email will be processed. Confirmation of receipt may be a little slower than usual. The fax service is to be avoided for the time being.

It does appear that a few email and voice mail messages may have been lost, especially from the weekend and beginning of the week. We ask that you simply come at us again if you've not gotten what you need.

We deeply regret the inconvenience, and thank you for your understanding.

Bruce Lieberman, Partner,
Liebermans LLP
Cliff: am using the new Art Explorer, fall 2005 edition. Let's you go instantly to internet to place the order. Also registers your account number and all that stuff. IF you have an account, it's billed automatically.

Bruce and the guys have done a spectacular job on this one.
There aren't many more "honest brokers" than the Bros Lieberman.

That's why it drives me nuts when someone asks for a source for (fill in the blanks)say, Oversize Prints, and the suggestions comeback Art.Com

These guys, in addition to being a sponsor, are simply good people
Just ordered for the first time. Phone call went right through, gal took the order information and the info about us. Posters arrived 6 days later. I'm happy!