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Jun 11, 2002
Houston, Texas, USA
I've seen posts about the need for something to make moving heavy stuff around the back room easier. Just got a new Lee Valley catalog and as I was looking through it I saw THIS .

It comes in 4 sections (14" x 3" ea), can be assembled in 5 different shapes, made of heavy plastic so it's light, has swivel caster wheels and can carry up to 220 lbs. It also has soft rubber pads on top to grip items and prevent marring. I like the fact it can be assembled in different shapes and taken apart completely for easy storage. Price is only $8.50.

Quantities may be limited on this item.

In addition to the dolly, I ordered a few more things :D . To check them out go to Lee Valley (www.leevalley.com) and do a search on the item numbers.

  • Dripless 4 oz glue bottle (item #62K02.10 - $4.50) - set of 6 nozzles/caps (#62K02.11 - $1.15)

    Latex Nozzle Caps - pk of 20 - for capping large glue bottles, air inlets on air tools, etc. (#25K80.80 - $2.95)

    Glue Spreaders pkg of 6 (#99K50.10 - $1.50)

    Disposable Micro Swabs (lintless!) pkg of 100 ( 4 types #99W68.81, 82, 83 and 84 - ~$2.50)

    Olfa Rotary Cutter - small 11/16" blade - (#99W68.58 - $8.50)</font>
The list goes on - I did get a little carried away as always :eek: . . .

I hate when that happens ;)
Don- THANK YOU for the heads-up. All of those items are GREAT! My favorite is the dripless glue bottle and replacement tips. One of my pet peeves is clogging glue bottle nozzles, esp. with Cornerweld. I would love to know the value of all the time we spend over the course of a year unclogging these tips.

I'm going to order every item you mentioned- I love this stuff. Those dollies might work for a project I've been wanting to make: a narrow but long roll-out platform to help slide out oversize glass boxes from their narrow storage bay.

:cool: Rick

P.S. I suppose you could refer to item #25K80.80 as "caulk tube condoms".
Save your money on the Yellow caster sections. I bought some and they are close to being p o s. Very unusual for LeeValley but they are obviously trying desperately to get them out of stock.
They first flogged them a year ago. Great idea, look great on paper, but execution is poor.


Have a look at this site http://www.groves.com/glass/ it may give you some ideas on how to store/handle glass…….for an operation with limited space an A-Frame on castors is a very good option……a good metal/engineering shop should be able to make one to your specifications……or for picture framing I would expect that one constructed from timber would be adequate.

One word of warning I know that the storage of glass in our part of the world is covered by a H&S (Health & Safety) at work standard OSHA in the US…..not that I know of many framing operations that take a blind bit of notice of notice of the regulation……it may be worth looking into.


Dermot- thanks for the suggestion. They have some neat equipment. For my needs, however, the wheels are too big. I store the oversize glass in its boxes, and really just need a way to make the boxes easier to slide out. Maybe a sheet of some kind of slick plastic or teflon-like material under the boxes would do the trick. It would need to be about 10" wide and 4 to 8 feet long. Maybe I'll experiment with a scrap of plexi--- you know, the skinny fall-offs we save in case someone ever comes in with a spear to frame.

:cool: Rick