Heat Shrinkable Tubing

Town Framer

Grumbler in Training
Jun 11, 2002
Big Stone Gap, VA 24219
I was never happy with the way the twisted ends of the hanger wire looked. I discovered if I slip two short lengths of heat shrinkable tubing over the twisted wire and then shrink it using a heat gun or other heat source, the finished product is not only better looking but also more secure. This tubing is available in a variety of colors from electronics supply stores. Almost any heat source can be used. I use a heat gun. I good hair dryer might work. I suppose a tacking iron might also work. Don't forget to slip the tubing over the wire before you attach the wire to the hanger. ;)
Hi Town Framer and welcome to the Grumble.

Say, have you ever tried wrapping the wire tightly against the screw eye/mirror hanger/whateveryouusetoattachwiretoframe about 5 wraps? I do this and then clip the ends as close to the wire as possible. It makes a very neat wrap and the wire ends don't stick out far enough to ***** fingers.

I also started using the vinyl coated stainless steel wire (Super Softstrand) which makes an even neater wrap.

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