heat mounting photo's


CGF II, Certified Grumble Framer Level 2
Nov 19, 1998
whitewater,wi.53190 usa
I have nine 4x6 black & white photos to mount in one frame. I don't trust myself to do it in my heat press because of the size. I wonder if anyone has mounted these size photos using just a household iron or even their tacking iron.

They are to be mounted three across in three rows.
Are they to be over matted or just mounted and framed without a mat?

Are they fine art photo's?

Art the photo's inkjet, c41 type, or real silver bw photos?

Are they new or old?


They will have a mat over. These are new photos. I don't know the chemical comp of them. I can ask my next door business neighbor. I think he may have developed them.

I had first used photo corners but one picture became dislodged so now I want a permanent fix for all of them. I used the photo corners because of fear of what heat could do. They aren't fine art and they are not inkjet. They are snapshots of a vacation; scenes of New York. They are nicely done.
I would not use a tacking iron or steam iron. They are a whole lot harder to control than a press.

If the photos are RC (resin-coated) prints, which nearly all contemporary photos are, they really want to lay flat without mounting. If each photo getting a mat window, I would hinge them. For that size, I myself would hinge them to the back of the mat with a couple tabs of Framer's Tape at the top. They're a lot easier to position that way than hinging them to the backing board.

This is not a C/P procedure, BTW. I'd say this is one of the exceptions to the standards we've been talking about.

If they happen to be fiber-base papers and not real flat, you can normally safely mount them in a press.
For resin-coated photos, the more aggressive adhesive gives me a little piece-of-mind and is still easily-removed if necessary.

So, yes, in this case.
Ron you're right this isn't a c/p job. I will probably hinge like you mentioned. Don't know why I didn't think of that.
I seem to have heat mounting on the brain!