Heat Glue For Picture Frame Mouldings? Hmmm


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May 24, 2002
Raceland, Louisiana
Heat glue for picture frame mouldings?? Hmmm... check this out... i just got it in and love it! Sets fast (30 sec set time - 300 sec set time)! Very strong. Although I do use a v-nailer and v-nails are very strong, it comes in handy when putting together thick mouldings (like 2" thick x 3" wide) because i always hated to stack v-nails... now i don't need to. Below is the website. I checked all over the internet for the best price and this is what i found...

Eric: I never thought about trying in on poly frame so..... i just tried it and it does not work. I did try it on a couple of pieces of PVC and it does.
It looks very much like the product 3M came out with a few years ago. I tried their product and really didn't like it.

At the same time they also introduced ProSpray. A product I really loved and still sometimes grieve over the loss.

Hopefully you will have better luck with that product than I did with 3M's.
Jerry Ervin: I don't know much about the 3M product, but, in the new glue gun i recently purchased the cartridges are heated up, resulting in a liquid. The liquid comes out of the cartridge itself. There is not stem in the "gun" for the glue to clog. This is the best glue gun i ever owned... i used it yesterday glue a 4" deep shadow box moulding... i use to hate to put this moulding together using my v-nailer (stacking them never worked right for me). I apply the glue to a corner, position the moulding and wait 30 seconds... done. Then, i shoot a couple of v-nails. A few days ago, a 7th grader came in with 8 rocks (the biggest was about 3 x 4" x 1 1/4" thick). He wanted then put in a shadow box frame for a school project. Again, this heat glue came in handy. ajh
I am fairly new to framing and just ordered this glue gun. Sounds like a great solution to me!

For really wide frames Do you folks put in additional wood pieces that are stapled to the back of the frame? I notice that is how a lot of premade frames taht are 30x40" and larger are constructed.

Peace, Rolland
great(if a LITTLE expensive) solution I F it works, indeed....looks exactly like the 3M setup....great idea but unless you are using up the cartrages every day or 2 the get where they dont remelt(even when you cover/cap the spouts very well. And the worst part was---the glues really didnt hold that well I tried building cabinets with them and they all but fell apart when dried/cured and weight was applied to the frame...didnt rip the wood the glues just quit