Headed to N.Y.


Jan 28, 2005
Salt Lake City Utah
I'm still very new to The Grumble-- here's a quick bit of info about myself: I live in Salt Lake and have been doing picture framing for about 10 years. I work at a nice little frame shop/gallery that has been open for just over 3 years,(If you haven't already done so please read my post on the Business Issues forum...feel free to add your comments).
I am going to be visiting the Manhattan area from May 20-26th this will be my first trip to The Big Apple! Can't wait...Anyway, I'd love it if I could get names/address' of frame shops and/or galleries in Manhattan and Brooklyn so that I can stop by and say hello and see how things are done on the east coast! :) I look forward to hearing from you and maybe I'll see you next week!

Welcome to the Grumble!!
Hope you have a fun trip!
I will be in NYC this weekend to visit friends but mostly to see the Tim Hawkinson 'mid-career retrospective' at the Whitney.
This is a must-see in my book.

edie the museumhound goddess
Brande- Contact Abe Munn company. They are very nice about showing you their facility, and go to great lengths to explain processes, styles, etc.
Tim Hawkinson is wicked awesome. The pieces on the site have but a mere shadow of the impact they have when experienced in person. He is one of the few contemporary artists I consider a hands-down genius.

I saw a show of his at the Hirschorn (sp) a few years back that knocked my socks off. He is totally original, yet very down-to-earth. I am taking my boyfriend to see the show- he knows absolutely ZIP about art and I know he will enjoy it beyond words. Anyone would. That's what amazes me about Tim Hawkinson. He appeals to everyone, yet his work is without compromise. I can't say enough good about him.

edie the beentheredonethatgoingbackformore goddess
Stop by any frame shop, talk about brown Bumpons, then you can write off the trip as a business expense.

Works for me!
Go to NYC with LOW expectations and you will not be dissapointed..... after all it is the home of the Yankees...
Sorry. That wan't very nice..... but then again neither are the Yankees... oh there I go again... I mean no offense to Yankees fans, I am sure there must be at least one good one..... Oh darn. I better stop now...

Seriously, NYC is a great place and a must see for all who live on this great big blue marble....even if it is the home of the "Evil Empire"....

Enjoy your trip.

And to all you Yankee fans, I know, One in 86 years is nothing to brag about, but hey, when was the last time the Giants won a Superbowl?.... Oh I really better stop now....

It is not often we get to celebrate up here in the best City in the Northeast so, give a guy a chance.... for this fall I am almost certain that the Sox will fall to the Yankees once agan....(I really don't beleive that, I'm just tryig to humor the Yankee fans...)
We haven't heard from Seth Bogdanove ("Unca Boggy") around here for a while. I'm not sure where he's working these days, but I would also enjoy visiting him and seeing his work close up.
:cool: Rick