He was "Baerly" here.............


PFG, Picture Framing God
Nov 2, 2001
Centennial, CO, USA
Baer came to Denver this weekend to teach his fabric wrapping class. He also gave us a private lecture on the History of Frames which I do believe he will be offering at future trade shows. It was fascinating, I recommend it if you have a chance to take it.

The fabric class was well attended and I don't think anybody left not knowing more about how to wrap a mat. I know I personally learned a lot and will have a higher comfort level in the future. I left enthused to start pushing them, they relaly do add to the bottom line and once you master it they aren't all that labor intensive.

We got to take him out to dinner a couple times and he makes an excellent dinner companion. Great conversation to be sure. There also is a sweet little waitress in Parker who I do believe has now removed her tongue piercing at Baer's urging........

I got to spend a lot of time with Baer as he came to visit my store for the afternoon on Saturday and I could not shake him off til Sunday night. Whew. I've concluded and others have observed that Baer is like my older brother that I never asked for or wanted, we were like a couple siblings constantly picking at each other. One could do a lot worse than have Baer for a brother.

Thanks for all your efforts Baer and Frank's Fabric's for helping us pull off one more excellent event!
Originally posted by Emibub:

There also is a sweet little waitress in Parker who I do believe has now removed her tongue piercing at Baer's urging........
Thanks for the feedback on the event Kathy!

But would elaborate, please, on this interesting incident..... ;) Unless of course it should be on the Warped....?

Note to Steph: Please see if you can arrange a similar waitress when Baer shows up in Upstate NY for the same class this summer!
Actually Paul, I was going to suggest we all pierce our tongues before he gets here!
Steph ... Did I miss it somewhere??

Is Baer actually coming to NYS this summer for his legendary class(es)???

When and where ?? I'd love to come up to visit and learn!!! :cool:

Saratoga Springs, TwoThumbs. It's just outside of Tampa Bay but not quit into Naples.... :D

It is tentatively schedualed for Steph's back yard. Then off to the races. or something like that.
Hey Baer ... you better check your navigation systems or you'll miss the BBQ in Steph's backyard! :eek:

Saratoga Springs is upstate New York.

"Between" Tampa Bay and Naples is about 3500 miles to the south ... in the sunny state of Florida! :cool:

But I'll make sure I get to either place. Just keep us posted when its definite!!
The joke was, I started telling Steph how wonderfull it was that she was so close to my wifes cousin in Miami and it would just be great to teach and then go visit.....
then I read those two little letters "N" & "Y".... wrong Saratoga.... or was that Sarasota...

Man, do I ever need this vacation.

I think Steph is pretty firm about July 29/30th... I think I'm supposed to come in the 28th for a "Hat fitting" or something.
Glad that you got that "nav system" straightened out ... although it would have been interesting to see you turn that "little" dingy around at the last minute
and put it on a flatbed to get to the races on-time! LOL!!

By the way, look out for the fork-in-the-road at Marakesh ... "baer" to the left!! Saw a couple of people on the Amazin Race wind up at Victoria Falls after "baering" to the right ...
We don't want to miss you at the BBQ in S A R A T O G A ...

Have a fantastic trip!!!!
Are you guys really going to have Baer out for classes? It wasn't a hard sell at all. We figured we needed 30 people to pay $35 to break even and cover expenses, we more than did that. Shouldn't be hard to come up with that many people in your area.

These events are always challenging to put on. Locating venues is the hardest. We came up with an ideal classroom for the hands-on we needed. Plus, it was very nicely priced.