Hawaiian Shirt Mat

Baer Charlton

SPFG, Supreme Picture Framing God
May 24, 2004
Betty just reminded me that I never posted this mat job.

The shirt was the 1993 Christmas Edition Reyn Spooner.. that died. But the back is a nice piece of material that will cover up to a 18x24 mat..

This picture was day 2 of our honeymoon. They island was Isle d'Saintes. The mat is first padded with poly that is mounted with Frank's adhesive then the edges are glued as the fabric is rolled over.

Scotchguard the fabric a bunch.. and remember this one is no museum piece.


I figured that after 35+ years in the industry, I might as well have one frame in bamboo. :D
I did this with a picture of my son and his shirt that I sewed for him when he was little. I don't have a pic of it at home - but I'll try to remember to take one and post it here.

We always get great comments on it when People see it!
Great Job Baer,

I would like to share my favorite Hawaiian shirt. I picked it up on Oahu a couple of summers ago.


This is a first time to post a picture I hope it works.
Mitch, is that a real shirt for a full grown person? It looks like it is tiny like for a doll or a bear.....

Nice jobs, both of you!
Baer, That is so cool!!! You could have used the shirt you had on in the original photo, too!!

Mitch, that is a mini shirt!?! Right... too fun.

Will have "tropical" on the brain with this thread!!

Roz and Kathy

The shirt is folded from a eight and a half by eleven sheet of material. It is about three by four inches. The artist folded and atged the material into the shirt shape then sewed buttons on it. I unfolded it removed the atg and made a pattern for my self out of paper. I then refolded it and framed it for a display piece.

Here's one we have as a shop model. Notice the fillet is a shell necklace.

This one is from a customer trip of 8 friends on a private jet that flew to Hawaii for a Jimmy Buffet Concert. Build an extension for Larson Juhl frame and wrapped outside as well.

Sold the second one because we had the first one as a model to inspire her!