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Mar 11, 2004
Jackson MI
I have been in the industry for 15 years, on my own 1. Right now I order everything chop. I am located in soon to be artist colony and have just landed my first coporate job.

The only saws I ever worked with were the Pitorus in a warehouse setting. Right now I do not have the money to invest in one of those puppies and I was looking at the fencing systems that use a regular mitre saw. Are they worth it or am I going to end up wasting time, moulding and money?
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There are a number of us who are using or have used either the Phaedra or Clearmont fence system on a power miter saw.

There is a bunch of information in the archives if you wish to search, but the basic answer is yes. Best if you can get 2 saws and the best blades you can afford. Set it up, dial it in and go for it. Check with contractors about the best saws to buy...get industrial grade, not home workshop grade.
I have used a Phaedra system for about 15 years and still use it for cutting metal mouldings.
With such a purchase, have you considered a loan or lease with a buyout clause.

A saw is a real workhorse as is a CMC. I never regreted buying by first "used" Pistorious M200 18 years ago. It has been a real lifesaver on some corporate projects. You have used this machine and know what it can do in an hour or so. Do you really want to reverse your ability to "crank out" your production.

I do not know many who can just write a check and pay for heavy equipment. Take a que from other industries and look at financing of some sort if it is possible.

BTY, I just replaced the plastic insert in my saw that presses against the moulding and is kissed by the saw blades as the blades end the down stroke. Replacing this insert will reduce the tear-out problem some have noted in prior posts in the last couple days.
We've been using a Clearmount mitre (single saw) for 18 years or so, and we're very pleased with it. The right measuring fence goes out to 40 inches and the stop and hold-down clamps are easily adjusted. The detantes (bumps which indicate the 45º points) are firm, so switching from right to left mitres is easy and accurate.

Although a double saw mitre may speed up production a little, the added cost may be a factor. We have no plans (or compelling reason) to upgrade.
>Ledsome...#1 in my book.
>>VERY industrial quality construction.
>>>Excellent and fast service

I purchased a 14" air-hydraulic miter saw about 2 1/2 yars ago. It even cuts thru oak like butter. Blades are designed to cut hardwood, softwood, aluminum, and polystyrene (when cutting polystyrene moulding you don't have to set the blades to come down "super fast"... just a regular speed! lol)

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Thanks for the feedback. It helps a lot!
I think it will come down to number crunching. As usuall! But nice to know the Clearmount would not be a waste. Thanks again.

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