Happy Thanksgiving Night from above the Atlantic


SGF, Supreme Grumble Framer
Dec 16, 2000
North-East US
Just wanted to wish you all a fabulous Thanksgiving night, from high up the Atlantic Ocean, on my way to Romania. Glad they provide inflight internet access up here too.
Next time I'll invite you to FRAME ED ON THE AIR followed by a few days/weeks of BECOME A FRAME-MAKER WITH CORNEL, if you got tired of learning at sea. Fine, Nona is first, who else is on my list? I promise you swet, dust and exhaustion. No caviar and photo oportunities but my finishing secrets
Hi Cornel, Buon viaggio (that's as close as I can get to Romanian). It's amazing that you can post while on a plane... the wonders of technology.

Our friend from Romania spent Thanksgiving with us. We Googled "Carpthian mountains" and saw some awesome images.
Cornell, you miss the concept about the cruises. No sweat, no dust, no exhaustion. Just the opposite, luxurious surrounding, people waiting on you hand and foot, meals that are gorgeous, served to you and available around the clock, plus show girls. Of course I don’t guarantee anyone will become a framer just by doing the cruise, but it might add a bit to her or his knowledge.

Haven't been to Romania, sounds interesting. Have a good tip, and then come on the cruise.
Thank you for your good wishes. Isn't technology a wonderful asset? I am glad I was the first to have posted on TG from the plane. That made me feel very special indeed.

Nona, I didn't miss the point. I was just teasing you and paraphrasing Churchill. I don't expect to ever get American students down here, at least not from the grumblers. Things in the American frame market are being structured in such a way that you don't really need to know frame making and much finishing. It is your loss, but I must admit that it makes for volume, size, speed and efficiency. Frankly, I must add that I had adapted to this American reality myself and from the complete framer model that is still alive around in this part of the world I became a frame manufacturer and nothing else, though I am lamenting framers old good days any time I am given a chance to do it (pissing you off, I should say). Perhaps that fully explains why I am hanging out with you, my other now amputated and deserted identity.
Ok, so Cornell has posted from the air...

Where were you at the time Cornell? Over Canada, Polar, or the UK?

I, on the other hand in April will post from Mid-Atlantic ocean....as we sail across.

No framing Ed, except to Ed the people that if they buy the art, grab it and run or they won't see it for months. Or, come on, do you really think Rembrant pulled editions of 11,500 of a pencil drawing..? :D

I am already well and safe in Romania, fighting with what appears to be stronger than usual jet leg.
At the time of my posting to TG I was right above the mid Atlantic, 56.37745 degree North and 31.03896 degree West. (One must be very sharp when talking to Baer
I have that leg right now JohnR. Or....would that be the left now??

Cornell, flew out of NYNY did you? Good luck on the leg.... jest let Maria pull it a bit...