Happy New Year



Have a great new year all.


A Happy and Prosperous New Year to All!
A Happy, prosperous and exciting New Year to everyone and their families!

The New Year is not so new down here now!
Same here. Happy, safe and prosperous New Year to each and every one of you!
2003 was not a good year in the frame shop although we held on and did better than 2002. The highlight of our year was closing up in May and going to Ireland for 10 days! We thought of you but didn't go near Wicklow. We stayed in Killarney and I fell in love with Dingle Island. Your healthcare is great over there and you have a country to be proud of. Happy New Year to you and if you ever come to the states, Maine is a lot like Ireland! Look us up.
Jean in Maine
Memories Of Maine Gallery
Belated Happy New Year to you my friends! Thank you sssoooo much for all your help in 2003.

New Years has already started out a winner, no attacks, just a lot of good ole fun.

Hhhhaaaapppppyyyyy New Year to you all...and me too...wink.